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Welcome to the Checkmate Community Forums

This is a tale of my journey to aquiring and restoring a true classic; the Checkmate Enforcer. I hope it will be entertaining as well as informative.

Most all that I will do and describe will probably be thrown to the wind in the forums first; so I know each of will have a part in the telling of this story. Thanks in advance for all that each of you have done so far, and for what you will do in the future.
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Part 11: Filling and shaping the stern

Posted 12-29-2009 at 12:26 AM by Old Hickory

It's been a long while since I posted. A few things have happened since my last post. I had just removed my Enforcer from the garage I was leasing and I decided to meet my wife for a quick lunch. All my power tools were in the bed of my dually and I left them thinking it would be quick stop. Well the thieves made it a nightmare; took all of 30 minutes and they had managed to steal all my power tools. What a kick in the nuts! I am slowly replacing them..... but hey, I knew better. Chalk up another stupid tax.

So here is where the ole gal is right now; I have filled and shaped the rear deck and stern. My last post had me rebuilding the stern and deck; now you can see how she's shaping up.... literally. I used Dynalite as my filler, a 2" putty knife and a orbit sander(one of the tools stolen).

Here are the pics showing the progress.

The Dynalite proved to be very workable; but, needed to go on in layers. If spread to thick it had a tendency to crack when drying. The directions were clear as to not apply too much at one time. So I would apply a thin layer; let it set and dry; sand until smooth and then apply another layer. It was tedious, but the results were worth it.

You can see here, I have shaped the block on the right side of the stern; the next pic shows the left side before shaping. The coosa was very easy to work; almost too easy. If not careful the sander can take away material too quickly.

Dynalite has been applied and now on to sanding and shaping.

You may notice that the inner/aft corners of the deck opening (made from the coosa) are radiused. This was intentional; a radiused corner will be much stronger and withstand flexing forces better than one cut to a 90 degree. Even though it will covered by the deck lid; I think it will give it a nice custom touch.

I couldn't be more pleased as to how well it turned out. When comparing it to the factory job on compulse170's Enforcer I kew I had it right. I only wish Robbie had aquired her before I had it completed..... probably wouldn't have taken so long to decide how I was going to rebuild it. I had to look at a lot of Convincors and then make my best educated guess as to how it should look.

Now the rear is ready for glass. Once warmer weather gets here, I'll be replacing stringers, installing the knees, and glassing all this in. Cross my fingers!

Next post will be on rebuilding the dash...... I have all the holes filled in but no pics yet.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas; and here's to a Happy and prosperous New year!


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  1. Old Comment
    yellowfiero88's Avatar
    Make sure you glass over it all real good. I have had problems with the dynalite cracking out in a no stress application. I added a body line to my 99 K-3500 crew cab and both sides cracked out with less than 1/8 of an inch of filler on a perfectly preped surface as well as a couple other jobs with little filler and good prep. As long as you glass it good there should not be any problems.
    Posted 12-29-2009 at 01:38 AM by yellowfiero88 yellowfiero88 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Old Hickory's Avatar
    thanks yf88,

    Thats exactly what I'll be doing. The dynalite is there to shape, fill then cover with glass. Thats also why I chose not to use body filler to bed the transom and stringers. When removing both I noticed a lot cracking and felt something with a little more flex would be needed; hence the use of PL Premium.
    Posted 12-29-2009 at 01:52 AM by Old Hickory Old Hickory is offline
  3. Old Comment
    yellowfiero88's Avatar
    Did you consider just using resin for filling? when I did the flat part all the way around the deck where the grab rail mounts, I v'ed it out 2" away and almost through. I then used 2 layers of the mesh to build it back up. I have beat on the boat real good a couple times in rough water and no cracks other than around the back corner of the engine hatch opening. I sanded it down as straight as I could get it and then used evercoat products on it. Are you able to glass both sides? If so then you should be alright.

    Its going to be a high stress area and I would hate for you to do all this work and have it crack. Plus, after having to do free-bee's on repairs, I don't use the dynalite anymore!

    BTW, it looks great as I would expect from you
    Posted 12-29-2009 at 02:04 AM by yellowfiero88 yellowfiero88 is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Old Hickory's Avatar
    there will be glass on both sides and I plan on laying up several layers on the outside so that the rebuilt portions will have similar thickness to the outer skin. Infact, the transom will probably have more glass than what a CM factory build would have had. Great feed back BTW
    Posted 12-29-2009 at 02:27 AM by Old Hickory Old Hickory is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Old Hickory's Avatar

    another just for you ....... your colors w/HN's

    Posted 12-29-2009 at 02:41 AM by Old Hickory Old Hickory is offline
  6. Old Comment
    yellowfiero88's Avatar
    Now that is a nice set right there! She has that dirty girl look to her that I love taking home to show off to dad, mom dont like those girls much!

    You know I have a thing for blondes......red heads, and brunette's!
    Posted 12-29-2009 at 03:07 AM by yellowfiero88 yellowfiero88 is offline

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