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I have had several boats come in my shop this season owners complained it died an wouldn't start again. Two were fuel injected late model mercruisers and one Indmar. They turned over but did not start. So thoughts of no fuel delivery came to mind but that wasn't it. Relays were checked and all found good. Hooked up the diacom there was a trouble code injector bank a&b fault. witch means bad ECU. or bad ground. These were newer boats mind you. So going to the simple solution first we chased down the ground wires to the block. Took them loose from the stud on the rear of the block they were all ready showing signs of corrosion. The leads were sanded and cleaned with contact cleaner. The real problem was paint on the block were the wires needed to make contact. The paint was cleaned off wires were reinstalled the boats fired right up. Owners reported they are all running great not missing a beat.
This can be true with anything that stops working on your boat. Go through your fuse panel. Clean your connection positive and ground you will find things will start working again most of the time.

recommendations for a budget paint job

Posted 11-18-2009 at 06:55 AM by mkhammer (ECU Electrical problems solved)
Updated 11-18-2009 at 07:08 AM by mkhammer

Originally Posted by mkhammer View Post
If your gel coat doesn't have alot of cracks and damage, I mean if it's just oxidized real bad with minor scratches,
Wet sand it with some 2500 grit wet/dry paper and buff it out with 3-M super duty polishing compound, Then finish it with 3-M finesse-it or 3-M perfect -it, apply 3-M marine liquid wax.
If you can bring back the original gel coat it will be more durable than any paint job you could put on it with tight budget and it will look good too.

I sell all that
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Control cable replacement tip

Posted 09-07-2009 at 04:54 PM by mkhammer (ECU Electrical problems solved)

It can be a tough job in some boats to replace a control cable. especially if it follows the same route as other wires, cables ect.
I use a method in my shop that really works.
First I get both ends of the cable loose ready to pull out. Then I tape a 1/8" poly pull rope to the opposite end I am pulling.
Then I pull the cable out pull rope following. Once the cable is pulled out I cut the rope off and tape it to the end of the new cable. Tape about 6" of rope solid...
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