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Originally Posted by justintocars View Post
I would love to see them design a new boat... of any kind. But the last time I was at checkmate ( 2-3 months ago) they were slammed busy with their current line up and staff. Had a 28 I/o that was getting finished. And quite a few smaller outboard boats in the works.

I also wonder why they don't make a sport CC, but with the current market and updated bottom designs I don't the the CC croud would accept a "drivers boat" Any new CC would need a brand new hull design, fancy steps and a wider hull for more party room.

As far as wake board boats: I have no clue how they work but I imagine the hull is set up alot different too. I haven't ridden in any of the newer stuff but I'm thinking wakeboarding is done around 25mph. Does any of the checks even plain at that speed?

Reading back through this it sounds pretty negitive. It's not meant to. Just why I think they haven't done anything..... I want to see them succeed also!
Surfing is at 8-12 mph, to create a surf wake you don't plane out and do not want too or you lose the big wake. I don't know very much, but to really compete in the market the hull would require a clean sheet design. As an example instead of lifting strakes, they are reversed to pull the hull into the water and the transom angle is changed as well to help create the wake.
Big, Wide, Heavy and in some cases they run at a horrible angle plowing through the water, I've never been in one but have to think the driver has a huge challenge seeing where he is going with the bow that high in the air.
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