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Originally Posted by AEstream View Post
I found a 93 21 Pulsare open bow with a blown motor. I have a 2.5 200hp sitting around that I could put on it, but would the boat be a total slug? Iooked online and seen most run 65mph with the motor bolted to the transom. If I set up with a nice 10-12" hydrolic jack plate could I squeeze 70 out of it?

If I were to repower with a 300x. What do you think I could expect for speed? Mid 80s? I'm excited to possibly get back into a checkmate.

Thanks for the help
A 2.5 200 is great on a 21 Pulsare, the closed bow would be slightly faster. Expect 68-69 MPH. Sounds like you're talking about a Pulse though, very different, heavier deeper hull. The Pulsare has a pad bottom and is reasonably light. Starflites, Starliners don't and don't run as fast.
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