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Thread: April 2018's Boat of the Month Vote!
April 2018's Boat of the Month Vote! This poll is closed
I vote for "ChuckB's" Convincor! 2 10.53%
I vote for "Horseplay's" Convincor 300! 1 5.26%
I vote for "Ramification's" Outboard Powered Convincor! 2 10.53%
I vote for "Jupiter Pulsare's" 2400! 4 21.05%
I vote for "CheckmateFever's" Enchanter! 10 52.63%
Voters: 19 100%

Old 03-20-2018, 08:03 AM  
Chris Chris is offline
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Exclamation April 2018's Boat of the Month Vote!

April is about to arrive and along with it Spring!

It's time for our fourth Boat of the Month Contest for 2018.

Why not start the new boating season with your Boat gracing our front page!

Here's how this deal works for those of you who don't know...

The top vote getter in our poll will be declared our "Boat of the Month" for April 2018 and the bottom vote getter will be eliminated from next month's poll. The remaining three boats will carry over to next months poll and we'll find two new ones to add to make a total of five.

Here are the rules! Please read them before voting!

1) To be eligible to vote in this poll or any poll, you must have 100 total posts and have been a member for at least 365 days. If you wish to bypass those two thresholds, then you have the option of joining our supporting member program.

2) NO voting for your own boat!

3) No relatives or family members voting for your boat either. IF multiple voters are found with the same I.P. addresses voting for the same entry, we will view this as suspicious and we will investigate. If irregularities are found, the entry in question will be dealt with appropriately.

4) One member, one household, one vote! You are only supposed to have one account. If you have multiple accounts, contact me and I will merge the accounts into one with combined posts etc. Given that you're not supposed to have multiple accounts it stands to reason, you shouldn't be using multiple accounts to cast more than one vote. Again, if this is discovered, we will deal with it as fairly as possible. However, if an owner is found to be stuffing the ballet box so to speak, or breaking the rules, the most likely result will be disqualification from the poll. Claiming your two year old voted or the family dog has an account and voted won't wash!

5) All votes will be public. So names will appear beside the voting option similar to how they appear for the nominations.

Let's remember folks, this is supposed to be a fun little feature people. Let's not take it too seriously. Let's keep some perspective and have some fun.

Pics up for consideration are posted below.


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