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  • Guys I have a 1992 Pulse 170 with a Evinrude 120 hp outboard my question is. What’s the biggest outboard I can throw on it? Thanks
    Thanks 175, yes I do work the throttle & the choke. That makes sense w/ what ya said about the reeds & I will definately look into that. I have been using a can of starting fluid and it really likes that!! I don't give it too much but a healthy shot in each carb seems to do the trick. I hear laser II ss props perform really good on the Exciter model. Any opinion on that?? I put a Powertech 22 pitch 4 blade ss on it & I LOVE the handling. That prop is great out of the hole and sets your head back (a little bit) from around 35-45 mph. but I can't get much more out of it. That prop gives me about 2-3 mph LESS than my aluminum 3 blade. I'd like to find a nice 3 blade thats already proven on my model boat. I know every boat is different & conditions are crucial but i'm hoping I hear about a wise/ proven choice. Hope all is well w/ your boating!! Thanks, Dan
    Hello 175, I had such good luck w/ your suggestion w/ the fuel pump diaphram being the cause of my 175 cutting out at wot that I decided to pick your brain again. 1st. Thanks that was exactly the problem and is fixed and great!! I am now addressing the issue with starting. The first start of the day takes me about 45 minutes to get it going. I squeeze my primer bulb until it gets firm and turn it over and it doesn't even sound like it wants to start. I have an electric choke and use that w/ the same result. I have a brand new battery w/ huge cold cranking amps and I about drain the damn thing before I finally get it started. Once it is started it runs great and starts w/the bump of the key. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
    Hey 175, hope all is well. Thanks for your opinion on the fuel pump issue. There was a tear in the diaphram. I replaced the diaphram & put it in the water yesterday ( 6-10) and didn't seem to have the problem anymore!! It was a bit choppy so i'll have to wait for a calm day & really test her. Thanks again.
    A SS prop will make a difference for the better but you will have to get the fuel problem fixed first. You will need to know what rpm you are turning at WOT and trimmed for speed. Once you know that it will be easy to figure out what prop size you will need. I have found that on my trimate hull the laser 2 works really well.
    Hello 175, how ya doing? This off season for boating sucks!! I had just got mine in the water for 1 month before having to take it out for the season.I'm happy I got it in the water because now I know it floats & the motor runs great except for the fuel pump problem that I am going to fix.Another thing that is possibly affecting my top speed @ only 50 is the fact that I am using an alluminum prop.Some friends tell me that by changing to a s/s I could pick up an additional 4 to 8 mph. What do you think? I live in Cicero N.Y & am excited about snowmobiling but can"t wait for boating again. Thanks, Dan
    Thanks for the info. Is it possible to replace just the diaphram if I decide to go that route, or do I have to replace the whole fuel pump.I'm glad your modification worked for ya and I may do the same but I want to weigh my options. Thanks again!
    Wow!! That's awesome!! My motor is a 79 Merc 175 that my father had in storage for 12 or 13 years. The manual says it's a 5800 rpm motor w.o.t. My father is my mechanic and a real good one but he's in with the A.P.B.A Here in Syracuse N.Y and that takes up most of his time. We just put this motor on and got my Exciter in the water in September.I love it!! The motor runs great but when I open it up and the rpm's climb to 55,56,5700 the motor totally cuts out and I have to back it off to around half throttle and then 5 seconds later i'm good to go (until I open it up again.)The motor is also hard to start for the first time of the day (when it's cold) but starts w/ the bump of the key when it's warm. I'm pretty sure the original fuel pump is on it, could that be the problem?? Thanks!
    I got 72.6 mph on GPS for about 1 minute this summer it was wild~ride hit a good wave backed out and the transom flexed it was a real wierd flex~ wood in the transom seperated didn't break fiberglass but she's not seeing the water till it gets a new transom over the next year~
    Hey 175 Checkmate!! I too have a 175 Checkmate that I just bought 4 months ago & I have a few questions it seems like you can help me with.Please respond and I will be thankful.
    how do I get in contact with Kip on here ?? I need to find a good connection for ( buying fiberglass cloth 10 oz size of bigger )
    Guss, I tried to send you a email , and it returned it saying , it was returned ?? everything ok my friend ?? How are things going with your boat, did you get to test it yet ??
    not sure how many Rpm yet 5 k - 63mph and I had 1/4 throttle left, if I can get her to wind up to 7k I might hit 75 + mph.. I hooked up a factory tac the one I was using was 3 k off lol--- but with a factory tac I got my true reading ( chine walk is totally gone, I had the jack plate raised at 2 in from all the way up )~ all I did was add a ( whale-tail to the lower unit ) chine totally dissapeared and the boat was out of the water 2 times but.... we had white caps so...... I didn't push it, was beating the boat up pretty good... I need a new throttle control box mine broke while on the last test run.. * I'm gonna push for 80 mph* the 28 pitch is a Britts cut Quicksliver chopper* was a drag prop machine shop that is out of business now.. I raced a hot rod wave runner and would have blown him out but the white caps make it a little hairy.. ;)
    Guss, ( flying report ) ~ white caps on lake~ I got 63mph at 5,000 rpm with the jack plate close to all the way up and a 28 pitch chopper style prop -- I have eliminated the chine walk it was real easy but I didn't try to go over 63 cause the waves were beating the boat up too bad :( I hooked up a factory quick sliver tac and found that my ~autometer/monster tack ~ is 3 k off lol )
    on the factory tac I was at 5 k and 63 mph.. ( no chine walk ) I had about 1/4 throttle left.. so I figure 75 in smooth water..
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