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79 Exciter
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  • Hello all!! Today is Feb. 4th. 2012, spring & summer is coming.. I really want to find a great speed but good all around prop for my 79 Exciter 18' w/merc. 175, no jack plate. I heard the Laser 2 19 pitch worked really good on this boat.Anyone agree?? Thanks!!
    I will assume that you have tried pumping the gas with throttle. What you could do to finish out the season is keep some gas in a squeeze bottle and squirt this in the carbs for the first start of the day. What is sounds like is weak reed valves. When they get week they will not seat all the way in spots and not allow the the proper vacuum signal to reach the carbs. When the motor is cold its a problem. When the motor is at operating temp the metal expands and allows the reeds to seat a little better.
    Anyone have a 3 point ski bar for a 79 Exciter they want to get rid of? I'm looking for one so if anyone knows where I can get one please message me. Thanks!!
    Hey Dan, not much new here either, just waiting for summer,haha we only have about 15" of snow on the ground here but it's been cold, can't wait for summer, have a safe and merry Christmas Bud.
    Very cool. Mine did the same thing. The diaphragm in the fuel pump is weak. I thought about replacing mine and decided to go with an electric pump. I mounted the pump under the splash well and installed a filter/water separator. Sure makes it nice to not have to pump the bulb. If you decide to go that route you will need a pump that is ether internal regulator to 4-5 psi or you will also need an external regulator to set the pressure.
    Wow!! That's awesome!! My motor is a 79 Merc 175 that my father had in storage for 12 or 13 years. The manual says it's a 5800 rpm motor w.o.t. My father is my mechanic and a real good one but he's in with the A.P.B.A Here in Syracuse N.Y and that takes up most of his time. We just put this motor on and got my Exciter in the water in September.I love it!! The motor runs great but when I open it up and the rpm's climb to 55,56,5700 the motor totally cuts out and I have to back it off to around half throttle and then 5 seconds later i'm good to go (until I open it up again.)The motor is also hard to start for the first time of the day (when it's cold) but starts w/ the bump of the key when it's warm. I'm pretty sure the original fuel pump is on it, could that be the problem?? Thanks!
    The frankin motor I have is a bit different. The 175 merc started life in 1978. When I bought the boat I knew the engine had a miss. Figured it was fuel related. Found out that #5 cylinder was smoked. So I took it to a guy in GA that rebuilds mercs. He also races Allison boats in the 1/4 mile. So what I got back was a 94 2.4L block crank and rods, mild port work and a set of 245hp mod vp carbs. The motor is putting out about 230hp. The stock 175 will turn to 6200 rpm. Mine if I want to re-ring it every year i can turn it to 9K. to keep it reliable I am set to run 7500 rpm.
    you have to set up a photobucket account which is free then load all your pictures there and then you can, copy and paste the link to your profile, forms, and replies on here ... hope I helped a little
    Thanks, it's rated for 185 but it handles the 220 fine, the original owner bought it new with that motor, when I bought it I added the hydro jackplate and steering, it really improved the handling.
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