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Recent content by CheckmateOhio

  1. C

    Even More CL Finds!

    Greetings SCT...appears the 97 BR picked up the wrong link?
  2. C

    Caravelle opinions?

    Greetings all...I have missed out on 2 checkmates this fall. Was hoping to score one this fall but alot of folks are looking at winterizing now. I am looking for 20-24 ft bowrider with inboard. Haven't found any in my price point ($10k). Anyone have something I may be interested in? I saw a...
  3. C

    Commander 2100?

    Hey all...saw a sharp looking commander 2100...anyone ever hear of them or have seen one in person? I know they are west coast boat and appears they are now out of business...
  4. C

    Vision 220 BR for sale? Also thoughts versus Persuader 219 BR?

    No, the new owner is selling...already...building a pulling tractor. Their season in WI is almost over I would guess.
  5. C

    Vision 220 BR for sale? Also thoughts versus Persuader 219 BR?

    Thanks SCT...I have noticed they are very rare. I missed out on the red one earlier...Thanks for the link...that sure is yellow!! But still has good lines!
  6. C

    Vision 220 BR for sale? Also thoughts versus Persuader 219 BR?

    Greetings all, have been looking for a Vision 220 BR for years and had one fall through this summer. Does anyone have any plans to part with one in the near future? Also, am looking at a Persuader 219 BR with a 454/Bravo I...anyone out there driven both that could give a comparison? Thanks in...
  7. C

    Plywood for transom from Lowes

    Amazing Write up and documentation of your rebuild! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a very laborious effort!
  8. C

    Replacement SB

    Basically it has no engine, manifolds, etc. Just has a bravo outdrive. Anyone out there have a small block (or big block) they want to get rid of? i would need complete engine assembly.
  9. C

    Checkmate Values?

    Hey all. Happy Thursday! I am currently looking at two different checkmates. I was wondering the best site to determine the value of each. Are there any other sites other than NADA? Any region-specific publications which could help out? Thanks a lot!!
  10. C

    Replacement SB

    The bravo is still there...the guy has a 468 that needs freshened for 2000 seems kinda high for an engine that needs rebuilt...
  11. C

    Replacement SB

    Looking at a 22' check with no engine. It was initially set up as a 454 w/ a bravo, but the engine is gone and i am was thinking of dropping a small block in. I am trying to figure out the cost before i buy the boat. would say 4000 cover a mild 350? How much could i expect to go to a 383...
  12. C

    MINT 1989 Vision 221

    nice looking boat!! not a big fan of roller trailers, but at least it is in good shape!
  13. C

    MINT 1989 Vision 221

    at least it is warm where she is sitting, it is abt 32 here today...what sort of tongue weight does she have? i would be concerned about the alpha with a supercharger, although i know for a while Mercruiser put big blocks in front of them.
  14. C

    1987 20' Senator w/ 350 mag $5000 in NJ

    still got this boat?
  15. C

    MINT 1989 Vision 221

    do you still have it? Nice looking boat! too bad it has an alpha, otherwise a supercharger would make it snap!