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  • I have a blue & silver 1980 Entertainer and I'm thinking of putting the checkmate Decals back on this boat. I saw a decal on TTweedy s post that looks stock. Any ideas? Jrockman44@gmail.com . Thanks, James
    Looking for the checkmate font, is that something you are sharing? If not, what do you charge to have the graphic made? I have access to a vinyl cutter. Thx, Lance
    Hi! I have a '84 Diplomat I need some new vinyl for. I'd like a brown and tan scheme. Could you email ogormanandsons@yahoo.com Thanks! Dan
    Good afternoon,
    I was inquiring about some new checkmate vinyl.
    I have 3 1/2 X 23 on the side checkmate only written in dark purple and would like a horsehead for my Bow Hatch prefer an outline if poss? Let me know what you have can email me at gski1969@yahoo.com Thanks Joe
    Argento102 here from the forums. Curious about the vinyl graphics you have or can do. I'd like a Cobalt Blue version of the image below if possible (Just the chess piece and lettering)to run down both sides of the nose. They ve painted it a gloss white, so a bit of colour would go nice. If you have graphics already made, I'll take a look also. Let me know will you please. argento102@gmail.com




    I have a 1995 185 Pulse (Black) I am looking for decals. I want to put..CHECKMATE in the back on each side and maybe horse head as well. Can you help?


    Looking for some decals for an 83 Sportfire. It has the blue/silver flake and the decal that ttweedy posted on the resto forms are what I'm looking for. Should get the boat back this week so I can get the dimensions if needed. Thanks
    looking for Checkmate decals.... new or old doesn't really matter..
    I gotta 16.5 ft, 1987 enticer W/Merc 175 being restored.,, going in for paint and upholstery soon.
    you need to get the RPM's up, 5200-5400 I would say...as far as the prop blowing out is concerned by just be that prop does not work on that boat, next stock exhaust killing you rpm as well...try a 22 or 24 bravo 1 see how they work...worked well on mine, had basiclly a 525SC in mine at one time turned a 26 bravo 1 about 5500 @ 80mph, but had stock steering and boat would get unruly so what out there...feel free to give me a call 540-786-8111 Rob
    I respesct yor knowledge above the others on here when it comes to making a 251 run.My problem is with I'm guessing I have a 500hp 454 (bored & stroked to a 496). Full roller assembly& cam, all forged, balanced, alluminum heads & intake, 850 holley, arp stud kit...but stock exhaust...&steering. Im running a 25 pitch mirage plus that was recupped by r&r props in nv. It ran great on the eluder but not so on my 251. I cant give it more than 3000 when takin off or it spins out. While cruising at 3000 & then rolling on the throttle it runs straight up to 4000 with the trim burried under, but when I trim it up it to where it loosins up it only goes up to 4200-4400 around 60ish gps. Ive seen pics today of it runnin wot & its def. not what I would call aired out. Am I not trimming it out far enough? I noticed if you lay on the up button at full throttle I end up with a higher than my head roostertail. Is that normal? Thank you.
    Hi I am looking for a high resolution copy of the Horse Logo. I was told you are the guy.

    - Jeremy
    Hello, I am restoring my 1986 Starflite and I was looking for the same logos that cmpulse170 got from you, please let me know and how much they will set me back, thank you.
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