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  • Hey , I just found out I have to work tomorrow also . Plans have changed , what's up with Sunday ? Where you going ?
    Hi Jeff , we will be out this weekend . Putting in at Elizabeth Park . Let me know if you want to hook up . 734-272-9569
    Hey , what's your number , we are going out tomorrow morning . Putting in at Wyandotte . Leaving his house at 8 .
    Yes I was last Saturday, What a dream ride! Plan on going out of Wyandotte on Friday morn/afternoon with a run up to Sinbads for lunch. I've been just spending and cleaning on the thing. Weatherman just said high 60's on sunday :(
    Hi Jeff , I'm getting my boat out of storage Friday . Going to get her started and prep for season . I'm thinking of a short ride Sunday if weather is good . Have you been out yet ? Give me a shout , would like to see your new one.
    AWESOME VIDEOS ! I also took her down to Kentucky . What a blast , I have video of it somewhere. We live in Southgate , lookimg to get another boat. Facebook title is Gar N Bren. Also here is my number 734 272 9569. Tell Bialobreski I said Hi . Garret
    Jeff is this you ? This is Garret Presnell , you bought the Starflight off me .
    Hey friends, I am new to this website. I own a 1994 180 pulse br. the back cushions up front are completely rotted. I feel that this would be too much of a challenge to try to duplicate due to the curved/angled back rests. Does anybody know where I can get these cushions ? Does Checkmate still make them ? thanks. RK.
    Hey whats going on ? That was so funny running into you at the gas station lol . But The Trimate really sticks out I guess lol . So whats going on with your boat ? What are you having done to It ?
    Hey Mr Merc...Thanks for adding me. I asked alot ofpeople today but no one came. Thank you for coming.I got a question. How do I post morepicture of my boat and me? I asked others but no one answered me. Thanks -L-
    alright merc, might as well be on my friends list..I'll see you at the poker run
    if not before at the jobbienooner, I'm still working on making that happen!
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