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  • wake up driver
    When you sell your interior, if you haven't already please let me know. I'm doing a resto on an 84 enchanter and could use the covers. Im in no rush but if you could let me know what you would be wanting for all the material that would be great... Thanks and good luck.
    Base coat / clear? If it is, then you must clear within 24 hours of base application. No sanding between base and the clear.
    urathane auto paint, redoing the blue on my boat, since I didnt like the way it came out.... saving you from painting it for me....lol
    Thanx, bud, for voting for my "never intended to be included in the BOTM" pic. I will NOT forget you are a true friend! LOL! Thanx again- I didn't want them to include it- but since it was- at least I have one friend out there!!! !LOL! Take care buddy. Dave
    Hey Brian, still got that friend with the marina ?? I need a price on a rebuild kit for a mid 80's 140hp Johnson outboard, did you ever hear anything back about the ~ Hot Foots~ ??

    I had fun when we chatted, I left 2 messages on your home phone line since did you get them ?? I got that tunnel hull I told you about it is a 1968/69 I will send you some pics when I get to working on her. Greg
    Hey Brian, was the bottom pain you used the VC performance Epoxy with Teflon ?? I have a bass boat I just picked up and want to restore asap
    Yea. I got a freind who's husband has a salvage license. I get most of mine from Jay's salvage down by the KY speedway
    I have a question for you. Do you have any connections for finding rebuild-able cars ? In a couple of months when I get some cash saved I want to look for a 4wd Toyota Matrix that has minor damage so I can rework it for a everyday driver for myself ;)
    I have a boat that I listed in the section on~ setup and rigging ~ that will be a ~ go fast~ boat. I would appreciate your oppinion on engine application ideas the title is ~Optium motor for the application~ I think lol... trying to find more info on the boat it is a 1979 Can-Am Starcraft 20ft boat nick named the ~ Wedge~
    Hey great news.... I got my 45ft semi trailer full of my shop tools moved to my house last Sat, now this Sat I will level the trailer and get tools out and start building, I have been in hell for 2.5 yrs that is how long my tools have been in storage.. Yahooo..... this Hilbilly is gonna get to rockn and rollin on water toys ( on a side note do you know anyone that is into motorcycles ?? I need to find a jackshaft for a car tire bike I'm building.. my Ninja will look like it goes 300mph in the spring ;) :) )
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