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April 2016's Boat of the Month Nominations!

April 2016's BOTM Nominations (Please Choose Two)

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Staff member
It's time for April 2016's Boat of the Month Nominations. :)

Spring is just around the corner!

Why not start the boating year out with a bang and have your boat out on the front page!!!

For those who don't know, here's how this little feature works.

Each month we have five pics which battle it out in a poll to find out which boat is the boat of the month. The boat that gets the most votes as chosen by our members wins our boat of the month contest, and the winning boat graces our entrance page for a month.

Once the official poll is completed, the top boat is the boat of the month, and the boat that gets the least amount of votes gets eliminated. That leaves three holdover pics at the end of each month. Those three pics carry over to the next month's contest and get to try to win again.

Here is what to do, if you would like to participate.

If you'd like to enter your own boat, please post your best pic. If you'd like to nominate a fellow members boat, you can do so by posting it in this thread as well.

*Other Rules Worth Noting*

- Please do not post multiple pics of your boat! Just post your best single pic! Posting multiple pics of the same boat just lessens your chances of making it into the official poll as it will most likely just split your vote up! Also, if a member's boat is already nominated, please do not nominate another pic of it! Again, this just causes vote splitting!

- Due to the overwhelming response of nomination pics we're receiving- we are now limiting total nomination pics to a total of 10! Meaning, if and when we reach ten nominations within this thread, at that point we will immediately move to the nomination vote portion of the process!

-Please only nominate pictures that you know are non-copyright protected. If you're in doubt, please check with the picture owner.

Once we hit the middle of the month, or when we get ten entries, we'll hold an elimination poll to find the top nominated two pics which will then advance to our official Boat of the Month poll.

If you need picture posting instructions, please refer to the instruction thread located in the "picture this" forum and also located in the board feedback forum.

Good luck everyone!

Let's see those pics!


Problem Child

Well-known member
The photobucket bs is a pain . I give up on it for 3 1\2 years and just went over to fb instead. I don't wack a computer off for a living.Hah. Thank god because I would have starved by now .


Well-known member
4 Mates at the Beach!
Back a couple of years, beached at Pike Island just below the Pike Island Dam near Wheeling WVa. 1988 Starliner with a 250 ProXS, a 1978 Vmate 2 with a 225 Evinrude, a 1982 (I think) Predictor with a 140 Johnson, and a 1975 Vmate 1 with a 150 Merc.


Staff member
The nomination poll is up. :)

If someone could give me the details on the last blue boat, I'll add that in.

I need the owner's forum name and the model. :)