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June 7th-10th, NO name, NO host, NON event, Great Sacandaga Lake, NY

Not that I am "Nitpicky", argumentative or oppositional by nature...(right??):poke:
but shouldn't this thread be moved to LIBERTY MATES?
Awesome! I've got camp site 205 for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights but I don't know if I'll run up there Thursday morning, that afternoon, or Friday morning. As it gets closer I'll figure it out. Looking forward to seeing you both up there. I believe that its your boat on the shirt mudshark, hopefully he ends up with an extra so I can snap one up.

I'll try to make a day trip up there. Not sure about bringing the boat. I heard the boat launch is a zoo. I could be wrong. Might watch from shore. Any input Shark?? Or suggestions? I really want to boat there.
I should have plenty of room if you want to hop in with me. I'll be the "slow guy" out of the group anyway so I'm not worried about a little extra weight. :)
One of the many attractions to this event are the excellent launch ramps availible. There is a free state ramp close by, that can accept 6 trailers at a time, but over crowding has never been a problem. There is another excellent ramp at the campground, but there is a fee for day use.

Watching from shore is not practical. The lake is 29 miles long, and nobody stays in one place for long.
I'll switch from Bud Light to Bud. OK?

XL will work. My wife thinks the washer and dryer are shrinking machines sometimes.
I will be attending with my hydrostream. Anyone who is close by this is an event worth going to, My first time was 3 years ago and I met great people and it is something I look forward to every year. We will see you again Mr.Graves
I asked if he'd mind if I posted about the romp over here and must have piqued his interest.
Came over to see if anyone needed any useless facts:D
The king of useless facts:thumb: thats r transomstand:poke: don bring the boat or you will be truely sorry as this is always a good time rain or shine:confused::confused::confused: AE who is mr graves???? no mr here,:cheers: only us mudsharks. see you all there will be in on friday am. will get a site when I get there. taking the boat over to matty b's to day for a tune up today, get it ready for the romp:D:D:D