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New Active Thunder 22' Banshee


Well-known member
Those look wicked, but I think I’d want a windscreen and that would take away some of the look.

Is a windscreen an option?


Active member
That closed bow is going to make it difficult to bass fish.
That’s funny right there. Years ago when I had my 22’ OB Velocity my friend was avid fisherman. He said the the snappers blues were running down the bay. So we ran the Velocity down towards the Chesapeake Bay bridge and he jumped on the bow and we were catching fish like crazy. Wives were pissed when we were late for dinner so all was good. Great memories. :ROFLMAO:


Well-known member
Another 22’ Banshee came out of the molds. This one is all white gel coat and can be completed under $100K. PM for details!