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New Checkmate Punisher 43 Shots!

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Here are some fresh preview shots of the upcoming new Checkmate Punisher 43!

I'll update this thread when I get an official copy of the Press Release.

Thanks go out to the Checkmate Factory as well as their media relations department for providing these to us. :thumb:

This thing is going to be HOT!

Enjoy! :)

Here's a link to Big Red's already existing discussion thread.


Update-Added official press release

In Production: The Largest Built Checkmate Boat – the 43’ Punisher – Preparing to Hit the Water Spring 2012

Bucyrus, OH (February 22, 2012) -- Just about ready to spring to life is the largest model yet from Checkmate Marine – a 43’ boat called the Punisher. Still in production stage, this exciting new 2013 model will be ready for a spring 2012 introduction.

Like nothing else you’ve seen from Checkmate before, the Punisher will accommodate poker run enthusiasts and the offshore pleasure boating fanatics. Built by the craftsmen at Checkmate’s Bucyrus, OH manufacturing facility, meticulous attention to detail has been thought through each stage of development.

The hull is derived from the original Chief molds and integrates innovative material, processes, and design. Durable and strong, the Punisher is made from cored laminate construction – hand laid by the Checkmate team, along with the assistance of Ashland Chemicals Engineering dept. The laminate schedule consists of Balsa coring, bi and tri-axel glass bonded in vinylester resin. The tooling, owned by Indiana businessmen, was loaned to Checkmate for this model and a variety of additional productions.

Unlike the standard Checkmate models, which incorporate in-gel graphics, the Punisher is unique in that it will be custom painted. This current in-production model was painted by Mitcher “T” Custom Paint & Design in Middleville, MI.
“I’m extremely excited to introduce the working design of the newest and largest model from Checkmate. This design was something we’ve thought of doing for a while, and now we sensed the timing was right. The 43’ Punisher will be world class, an instant classic, and one that boating enthusiasts will enjoy for many years,” says Doug Smith, President of Checkmate Marine. “We upgraded and enhanced features, used a lighter material, added more legroom, and improved the helm with easier to see and reach controls. And those are just a few of the offerings designed to heighten the overall boating experience for our loyal customers,” added Doug.

The Punisher will be rigged with a pair of Mercury Racing hi-performance 700 HP engines, which will be staggered.
Looking inside, more space in the cockpit will enhance the overall comfort of this model. The rear bulkhead is positioned further back, and the dash has a revamped design that will free up additional space and make it more appealing and ergonomically correct. Innovative technology will include a Garmen big-screen Navigation display for the driver along with a Smartcraft display. Footrests were added to the bases of the dash, and upfront, this model accommodates more legroom and adds creature comforts often missing from a boat of this style.

All interior work will be designed by Checkmate, along with the assistance of McLeod Design Interiors.
The first 43’ Punisher will roll out of the Checkmate workshops early spring, to be delivered to Seelye-Wright Toy Store in Kalamazoo, MI. Current pricing is not yet available.

About Checkmate:
Checkmate Marine Inc. designs and builds a complete line of custom, high performance and family runabout speed boats that are renowned for premium performance and quality. Each Checkmate boat is constructed using the highest quality materials and 100% hands-on methods in Checkmate’s boatbuilding workshops located in Bucyrus, Ohio. For more information, contact Checkmate Marine Inc., 3691 St. Rt. 4 N. Bucyrus, OH 44820. Phone: 419-562-3881. Or on the web at www.checkmatepowerboats.net. You can also follow Checkmate Marine on Facebook.

Dealer Information:
Seelye-Wright Toy Store
6883 W. Main Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
Phone: 269-488-1565
Attn: Jeff Kopec



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Hey Gang,

I just updated the thread with the Official Press Release.

Thanks go out to Checkmate and their public relations department for sending this along. :thumb:

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