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New Member/Owner


New member
About to join the club,
Just put a downpayment on a 2014 2000 XBR with 250 Pro XS
Dealer offered indoor storage and summer prep/checkover, and pay final bill at pickup in spring.

Already working out some details, like ditching manual jackplate I have a power jackplate on my tritoon that I will swap, and some sort of compact chart plotter.
Also need to work out the bunks for my lift. Current lift is setup for my tritoon, but I will be buying a new one for tritoon and convert the old one for the checkmate.

Boat looks very nice 100hrs on it. Cant wait to dial it in.

I have been in boats for 20years, this will likely be the fastest I have owned. Currently I have a 2019 Crestliner Rally 240 DX Tritoon with 200 DTS on it.

Last power boat was a Powerquest 290 enticer with twin big blocks.
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Active member
Welcome to the forum. Lots of helpful info here. Post a picture of your boat when you get a chance


New member
Its out and in the water now. Hydro Jackplate in on. Next step is upgrade stereo, will post that in another thread


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