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New member restoring ‘76 Trimate


New member
Hello everyone. Before I start I will say that I will in-fact read through more forums until I find what I am specifically looking for and maybe make some friends along the way. I am going to use this to introduce myself and let you know what I have and what I plan to do and any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to collect some ideas and maybe hear your story on here and read some others.

My name is Kade. I am from Louisiana (I have began to notice that not many of these boats are down south). I am 32 with a wife and 4 kids so boating will most likely not be our main hobby but we are now itching to get into it. Lol.

In 2011 I purchased a 16 foot ‘76 Trimate. It was very weathered when I bought it and the past 10 years that I have owned it haven’t made it any better as it was kept outside in the sun constantly. It did run with some problems when I purchased it but quickly found out that at that age I was not financially responsible enough to own a boat that needed to be restored and it unfortunately has been parked ever since it has been test ran a few times in the beginning. I have recently noticed that it is very hard to find someone that will work on a 115 Evinrude

I am attaching a few pictures so that you can see the condition that it is currently in. There are absolutely no soft spots in the hull or the floor. There are some spots under the back hull that are broken but they look like easy fixes. Those spots look like it is a transom bracket that is mounted to the transom and the floor in triangular fashion and possibly an old battery rack. There is hardly any clear coat left on the boat and I have nearly removed all of the accessories off of the hull. I have also removed all of the carpet out of the boat due to extensive wear and tear. There was no upholstery in the boat when I purchased it. I would love to get this boat as close as I can back to how it looked when it was new. The only thing that I would love to change about it would be the color of the boat as I absolutely love the way they looked with the metallic flake baby blue gel coat. If anyone has any suggestions as to where I can find the accessories that would be the closest match you would be a lifesaver. Also any painting suggestions would be great. I have done a lot of research but a still unsure of what base coat I should use and what would be the best brand to go with. There were a lot of attachments that were added onto the boat that I do not particularly see in the pictures of the ‘80 something model brochure including a trolling motor and I am going to patch all of those screw holes back up and start fresh which is why I decided that I may go ahead and re-gel coat it now. Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you and possibly meet up with some of you one day at a meet. God blessB65FC1EB-2FE0-45E0-948C-04B45554A2E3.jpeg937A8BD9-1EA7-442B-9419-9D4FB511A355.jpeg863A35AB-75BC-482C-AEB3-1C527856509D.jpeg9B77CE2A-6A70-4F56-9BB6-93CC21A64410.jpegA82262F4-7E9C-408D-BA59-AC4AC918EED4.jpeg


Well-known member
:welcome:Welcome to the Forum. When you get her all done she should be a great all around boat. Best wishes on your Restoration Project, Jim:thumb:


Staff member
Welcome to the board add good luck with the project. I have a 75 trimate 2 that I overhauled. Fun stuff.