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New Restoration Underway!


Well-known member
After boating with my little Barracuda CC for the past year and a half, I found myself missing the speed and length of my past go fast boats. I sold the Barracuda last week for a healthy profit and picked up the following for $1500 bucks!
1992 Wellcraft Nova Spyder 230, 454 Magnum/Bravo One on a tandem axle aluminum trailer!! Spent yesterday cleaning 20 years of neglect. The boat was sitting for ten years and will need some attention to the rear seat and hatch. I fired up the motor on an external tank as I plan to drain the old fuel out of the tank..


Well-known member
Sorry for the delay but here’s an update. I completed most of the needed maintenance after the prior owner let the boat sit for 11 years. I replaced the thermostat housing, thermostat, fuel pump, raw water pump, circulation pump, belts, motor oil & filter, drive oil and fuel filter. I installed a new battery and put in 50 gallons of fresh rec 90. She fired up and runs great! I still need to do plugs, plug wires, cap, rotor and timing. I also wet sanded the hull and hit it with a high speed wheel which I’ll repeat again. This 30 year old muscle boat has come back to life! She also rides great. Solid boat!!


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