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Vintage Boats & Motors


Staff member
I noticed that we've had a few vintage outboard motor and boat threads pop up lately.

I've got a few old pieces of iron that I'm always toying around with. Right now I've got an old mid 50's Johnson 5.5 on one of our old Aluminum boats. I also have a 60's Merc 110 9.8 H.P. that I like to run on a regular basis.

Is anyone else into these vintage motors?

How about old wooden boats?

I've had quite a few seafleas over the years. I'd love to find the time to build another and throw one of my old motahs on the back for fun.

It seems like many of you guys are into fixing up old Checkies and marine stuff.....what else are you into?

I was pondering the thought of creating a non Checkmate forum for the discussion of this old stuff. It would also be neat to collect some old scans of some of those vintage ads and graphics.

What cha think?



Igot a couple old mercs and omc's laying around some waiting for resto some work. Have the plans to build a FOO-LING kinda like a JINX if you know what they are just gotta find time. Would like to resto my Mark 75 & 25 first but you never know..Here's a pic of a foo-ling if it works.


Staff member
This is the other flea I had when I was a kid.

This one is a Glen L "Pee Wee" model.



Active member
My Dad had a Yellow jacket boat. I think it was a kit boat but I'm not really sure. I will try to find some pics of it.


Well-known member
my dad used to race Class B Utility, a Van Pelt boat w/ mark 20 i'm trying to dig up pics, he still hes a prop from it !


Well-known member
I have a few old motors myself .

Heres what I got
merc 400 (on my crosby)
mark 25
mark 6
mark 5
evinrude lightwin(2)
old 2hp Elgin
merc 1500 (2)


Well-known member
Here is a pix of my 1978 OMC 15" Johnson 75 Stinger.


  • img02529cv.jpg
    74.7 KB · Views: 19


Well-known member
i forgot the "H" mark 20 H , his everyday boat is still a classic 59'Crosby w/ 65' 65hp merc !


New member
Hi. I have a 1957 Peterbourough mold liner boat I am rebuilding, it came out of a barn after 30 years on the original Tee Nee trailer and the original 35 HP Johnson motor! I will post pictures later. If any one is looking for baby moon hubs for a Tee Nee I have a spare set.