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Where are you from?


Active member
Wow…had a random thought about Checkmates today and my login still works! Signed up in 2003…last time I checked in was 2014.

Funny how times change.


New member
United States:

Arizona: pete, sunrider
Arkansas: HOT H20, BBB, Dwayne, persuader72715
California: Exciterman, TEAMBAJASUCKS
Connecticut: markmdz, Red_Dogg, wetvette, 85Predictor120, orangecrush, The_Black_Knight, borg
Delaware: russcarlisle
Florida: MrWick, RedNosePitBull, John Pickett, CJT, chkmte, Mikevr007, enchanter21, Anthem of the Sun, Commando
Georgia: toast, convincor97, TheMaxx
Illinois: bdusted440, Kev, Bert, tbacha, MikeW, JAnderson, gla, boatsrme
Indiana: Merc-Mate, foyboy, supergenius74, jet tech, dgmccall, chad c, MERC 225, Indiana, hydroslide
Iowa: Bill, Craig
Kansas: checkmate626
Kentucky: Disturbed, honda herb, Dave Brinkley, TRsCheckmate
Louisiana: jwh445
Maine: 85predictor, thunder
Maryland: Lance, GAMBLER, chinaride, DONCONVINCER, AP
Massachusetts: Mopar Matt, Shaun: AWelsh, 85diplomat, Shaun, trd4runner3l, mistertoadie, Geoff Kellum, mad max
Michigan: Mike D, JW, Checkmate243, Riley, BUKKAKIBLASTER, Jet_Dub, Pulsareproud, Follis38, mike240zt, flo, Big "Z", illMATTic bakedgoods222, Pat-MX15, over board, merc245, Convincor283, joezt280, Redboat, Ynnad, fnshrmaster, sprusak1, bedmx, Mich Pulse, addgasgofast, triplextruble, Pratical Magic, t, gtrumpet, Diplomat82, badassb
Minnesota: C-mate 280, boardhed, jkeiper, Alan, pulse185, FASTROG, Kevin Russell
Mississippi: Will
Missouri: c durell, 1BADMATE, marquis4506
Nebraska: 175Checkmate
New Hampshire: Leedo Lanes, CHECKNIT, benc
New Jersey: SHARKEYMARINE, Surf Bum, CLAUDE MABES, RaisingKane, dcp, check22, JJFRASE, ilovecrashing00, Seamate, FRANK, wishihadalakehouse, Ruus G., TruckinMatt
New Mexico
New York: Eriktheviking, vinny p., New York, Dave T, Hooper, Burke, mike a, nicody, F150GT, SLAYER, INXS, J.B., Brian, conv240, Enforcer 24, mate229, BOB'S283, Diane, 91 GTX, cor124, MR.VISION22, John B, Dr. Phil, 82 Predictor, brian s, centur508, dlcss396
North Carolina: TaySikes, Tommy, QST4IT, Tommy, samjr, lovethemates2, TaySikes, elcomm03
North Dakota: ndmate, CM FARGO, jemckay
Ohio: jmorganste, JV, fastskipper, seeing clearly, Checkmate78, CheckmateOhio, Stretch, cooperider, Top Gun, leggo4x4, PDW, convincor26, the sMac, firecatgreen, alwaysredee, LakeRaider
Pennsylvania: j davis, jgoshow, Mooneys
Rhode Island: billm, ckmate225, manny dias, DaveJ.
South Carolina: eaksta, BullittBen, Taz, saltair
South Dakota
Tennessee: posta, Tennessee Pulsare
Texas: Vmax, Tejas Raz, daren34, Soup to Nuts, Big Dave, Tristan M, The Mate, happy, rsscoggins, bowtie
Vermont: Ethan Swain
Virginia: 89 Maxxum, wickedrister, Hemibee, VA Beach, VaPredictor, wickedrister, Shat Mat
Washington: bad61ss, Idaho Persuader, montiboats24
West Virginia
Wisconsin: Gslinger, pete j, Hoodlum, kegonsa kid
Wyoming: okeyo


British Columbia: Moore, bostoncan
Alberta: marcus
Manitoba: Mark, petersfield
Ontario: Chris, Chevy Z, Malibu, Sid Deville, MX-13, Persuader183, JohnR, Crave2WaterSkii, Bruce, CDN_CADS, Chris E, lemire, Dave Y., deluxerman, Yukon, ahunter, tsunami, TCAT
Quebec: sonoma, claupie
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Northwest Territories


Holland: senator-holland, Bubba
Germany: checki

Russia(Moscow): Peter-Mos

I'll edit this as we gather everyone's location.


New member
Quad cities Illinois/Iowa. Raymond and Sherri

85 21ft 260hp Entertainer 95% original


  • 263193017_10227112054526791_3647684800261953832_n.jpg
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Captain Chuck

New member
I know we have members from the U.S. and Canada, but I was wondering how many of the 50 States we have represented and how many of the Canadian provinces.

So state your state or province I'll add your name to the list and let's see how we do.
New York with a 1985 Checkmate Ambassador


New member
Ohio, for the Last 32yrs!

Originally, Columbus Ga

One regret raising the kids was never having a boat or taking them out on the water…

Now the Grand Baby is almost 2, Figured I’m not gonna make the same mistake twice,.!!’ 😎

Last yr did a week vaca at Norris, Vrbo’ed Nice house w/ dock and rented Tri-toon which believe it or not would hit 45 trimmed just rite, 😳

Anyway Son and his wife came from Tx.
Daughter, Son-in-law, and GranBaby followed momma & myself from Oh. Rented tube from marina w/ tri-toon, Best vaca ever, 👍🏼

All I could think was WHY THE HECK Haven't I had these kids on the water their whole childhood growing up,,, (banging head on brick wall emoji)

Anyway recently started looking at boats which brought back 1970’s - 1980’s memories of growing up on the Chattahooch, and remembering how Checkmate Boats always somehow ended up being the Topic of Conversation. So naturally 30 some odd yrs later when I start looking for a boat, my first keystrokes were, 🙂🙂🙂