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Will my Checkmate XX fit in my garage or barn?


Staff member
This question occasionally comes up so I thought I'd start a thread where we can post our model and dimensions. It's been raining so much in SW Michigan that I pulled my boat off the lift a while ago and put it under my carport. Today is pouring rain again, so it's 'cleanup in the garage' day. After I got it maneuvered into half the messy garage, I remembered to measure it out.

Quick description: Pulsare 1850 with ETEC 150 mounted on a 6" CMC manual lift Jack plate. Trailer has folding tongue, most forward part of trailer with tongue folded is the winch. Boat is a hair wider than the trailer so I'll use the factory published hull width. Engine is trimmed to about level, so it's possible to gain some room fiddling with the trim.

Length: 262", which is just shy of 22'
Height with ski tripod installed: 77"
Width: 100"


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Well-known member
Great thread ! I ask this ques a lot mainly because of garage space ! The pain in a$$ of my current garage space 3 car but the p.o. Put in small doors so boat has to go in 3rd bay on diagonal through the double door for summer then shuffle it snugly over to wall for winter time ,just because it can't fit through 3rd bay ! Just under 24' deep
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Active member
My 2000 BRX with 250 ProXS & 12.5" setback on Phoenix trailer with fold-away tongue just barely fits into 24-ft garage. Otherwise a 7-ft high garage door has enough vertical clearance for it to fit through.
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Active member
My 242 sitting on its c hawk trailer needs between 29 to 30' of building. My shop is 32' which works out perfectly.
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Well-known member
My 253 with the drive trimmed all the way up sitting on a junk B&M Haul Rite trailer is just over 32' long total. We built a 14.5' x 35' addition to the barn at the lake and put in a 12' garage door. She fits perfectly in there with plenty of room to walk around and work on the boat. I'm hoping with a new trailer with possibly a swing away tongue I will be able to fit the golf cart in front of it.
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Active member
1988 Starflite on a 1988 C-Hawk single axle trailer with 1988 Mercury 200 (bolted to transom, no setback) takes all of 25'-2" from end to end. My garage is 26' deep (exterior) so it JUST fits with maybe an inch or two on each end. When we were considering buying the house, the realtor asked why I was measuring the garage so many times!