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New profile posts

Chris this is Sammie from Action Marine. I hope all is going good for you my Friend. Chris I am on a new PC and I tried to log in under Viper 1 and it would Not let me do so. I had the right password but I still could not log in under Viper 1. Can you Please Help me my Friend? Sincerely Sammie from Action Marine
Hello I was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions for me. First I have a 1990 Vision 221. I found a fuel leak in the tank. I need to pull it and I want to try it myself. What size tank is in the boat and how do I cut the floor to get at it? Do I cut along the stringer on each side? I just need a start and then I can get on with the project. Thank you for you expertise
I bought a JetMate from you, but oddly, the fellow that took the cheque from me, looked just like son of "Bob"...from whom you purchased this boat...Not looking for trouble, I live with my mistakes...but this boat is not sea worthy and we need to reverse engineer the hull damage, still leaking...After two (2) + years, I have still never even had a ride in this boat...Any assistance you could provide, would be greatly appreciated...
I'm in trouble now...mrs read some of the info in here and has decided on a 115 for the Playmate GT clone...I only wanted a 60 :(
Very interested in the starfire you have for sale. Could you send pictures to 757-894-0302. Thanks in advance.


Greg Farrell
Hi Glenn Finally got logged in. Thought this might be a great place to,sell my 2020 24 open bow when and if I decide to do it
Oh man. Yes please that would be awesome. I basically have an idea but I am pretty ocd and like to keep original.
Basically need photos of what it looks like underneath the rear bench seat and behind the fuel tank, transom area. Also a photo of rear bench seats themselves too and bottom separate from each other you can email me At peteshelby21@gmail.com
Hi I have a 2000 checkmate 259 with a 454 with a 23prop is there an advantage with a 4 blade and what pitch for out of hole a max speed would i need if anyone has any suggestions
Let me know if this message appears on your e-mail. This is Glenn typing it into the Checkmate website as a private message to you.
Hi Chris, I just sent payment for year re subscription plus a 2nd contribution bonus payment, got to keep this Forum alive and well, great place to be and a great job you do, stay safe.

My best,

James “Hayabusa” Matthysse
Ron, I saw you were on a little while ago. How you all doing up your way? Everybody staying healthy?Things are all good down here in Indiana. Best wishes, Jim
Nice to know that there are other CHECKMATE owners out there. New to the Forums and just bought a 1997 Checkmate Convincor 25 with Carbbed 500 Blue Motor (450 hrs.) in Lake Havasu. What a beautiful-well taken care of boat. Looking forward to some fun with Checkmate and Coronas down the river. thank you Mark and Lori Needles, Ca
I have something big I'm trying to make a deal on right now. So I'll have to pass, sorry.