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Recent content by JW

  1. JW

    Persuader Boats Buys Wahoo Powerboats.

    I keep up with Coop on YouTube and Insta also 👍
  2. JW

    Show me Vision 221/220s!!

    Absolutely love your boat! Beautiful!
  3. JW


    Terrible news, condolences to his family. Dave was one of the best for sure. We never met personally but had many nice private conversations thanks to this site. He’ll be sorely missed!
  4. JW

    New Engine - 300r or Pro XS?

    It basically depends on how fast a boat is. Typically a Checkmate doesn’t take advantage of a sporty because it can’t run well over 80 miles an hour. Checkmates also typically need bowlift which a regular gear case is better at. Only in rare cases does a Mate benefit from a sporty. 300 hp puts...
  5. JW

    Forum Upgrades 2021

    Done! Thanks, that made life easier!
  6. JW

    Forum Upgrades 2021

    Ok, help! I can't seem to locate the membership area to renew my yearly subscription/donation. Teach this old dog the new trick!
  7. JW

    Haulover Inlet Videos......

    I watch them A LOT! There’s like 4-5 different people making a YouTube living off filming that inlet LOL
  8. JW

    Forum Upgrades 2021

    Thanks much Chris!!
  9. JW

    Even More CL Finds!

    Yes, all that. Seat bases were a major problem for both the floor and core. As the floors get slightly weak (often not noticeable) the seats flex downwards and the long screws CMate used would then puncture the fiberglass over the core. Double whammy.
  10. JW

    Even More CL Finds!

    At 20 years old now, I would be a little bit more concerned about the core and transom than I would hours on the motor.
  11. JW

    Even More CL Finds!

    I like that classic ‘01 2100BR
  12. JW

    December 2020's Boat of the Month Vote!

    Can't see pix: It's an issue with the older software this site runs and the browser or OS your personal device uses. Some have had success trying different browsers, some have had success seeing the pix by closing and reloading the page in their existing browser. Chris is slowly working on an...
  13. JW

    My next tri-toon motor

    It seems to me in the video that outboard was no quieter than my Suzuki 200. I’ll bet the low-end torque is amazing!
  14. JW

    My next tri-toon motor

    https://youtu.be/7DD4BeAU32o This would work on my small lake :lol:
  15. JW

    Even More CL Finds!

    Now that I have my do-all tri-toon, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a mid-eighties V8 closed bow small toy like that