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Had the Sportfire out today with the new engine and it was running great. I added some power mods to the 4.3 And I’m pretty happy with the performance . It jumped right on plane and hit 50 mph pretty quick .I’m not hammer it to much until it gets some breaking time but so far I’m happy .
Been off for a while but still have the Sportfire just installed a fresh 4.3 with some performance mods .the boat is really running great!
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Dr bob
Dr bob
hers some pics of the Sportfire


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Nice looking boat, man! I have a 1982 Sportfire that I am restoring. The upholstery is getting done now. Are those your original captains seats? I could not find any myself so I just used some look-alike ones. Your boat looks amazing, with the original gauges and everything
I’m looking for a stock cover for 18ft Eluder
Hello am looking for (six) 13ft Checkmate boats is there any available ? Please contact me
I actually may have a snap on cover for an Eluder. Let me know if you're still interested, and I'll go look in the garage.
I own a 1982 Checkmate Diplomat with a 150 merc Black Max. A few pictures attached. Very nice for a 41 year old boat. Very fast too...almost too fast for an old guy like me!


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I am looking for a back seat for a checkmate convincor gtx.
Does anyone know what make is a temperature gauge for a 2000 Checkmate zt240?
The glass globe is broken and looking to find a gauge that is a replacement. The one that is on there now is black face with the yellow ring around the back.