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  • Hi Steve,could you recommend a reputable company to have a prop reconditioned in are area...2nd would you recommend anything extra being done for it i have heard the work prop massaged and wasn't sure to look into it ?? thanks in advance for your time....2100 pusare merc 200 trophy 4 blade 26 pitch
    hey there buddy had a few questions for ya about your boat i am going to pick the one up on 2ept 16th that was for sale in ny an i have thoughts running through my mind. i am going to do some set back an lift but didnt know if your bracket is a single bracket or each motor has it own a pic would be great if you had one an also where is the fuel tank located at in these boats.
    Sounds good. I was on the beach by the inlet and saw a Donzi zx. Im headed to the crab house in about an hour
    Hey Kevin, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I've been in Colorado for the past week. The PVC was used for drainage from the bow area to the transom. I did not build a sub floor because the PVC now accomplishes what the sub floor was doing except without the possiblility of rotting. The surface of the PVC was sanded and the PVC was glassed to the hull. The tank was installed over the PVC and then foam was poured into the tank "tub" to seal in place. Water should never enter the tank area. There is a bulkhead for and aft of the tank to prevent water from seeping in.
    hey jup, its kevin, have a question for ya. looked at yours and some of the other members rebuilds was wondering about the pvc pipe under your fuel tank. Doing a cap off resto on my enchanter and going to put the tank in the floor. Did you build a sub floor under your tank? If water was to creep into the tank space, how does it get out with the pipe glassed in the bottom? About at that point in the build, and like the idea of the pvc. I know the idea is to not have water in that space. Would like to here your thoughts, thanks kevin
    Most bow covers can be make at any canvas shop. If the boat already has snaps they would use the existing location. If there are no snaps it would be custom installed and drilled. You can use any steering wheel found at marine stores or contact Checkmate for an existing wheel being used with the Checkmate emblem.
    For the moment we compare all received propositions and also the cost of transportation and taxes.
    Thank you your nice photos...your boat is very nice, it is in the top 3!
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