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  • I am looking for gelcoat codes for a 2018 Checkmate we have here (blue/yellow). Is this information that you would have access to? Thank you.
    Hello I was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions for me. First I have a 1990 Vision 221. I found a fuel leak in the tank. I need to pull it and I want to try it myself. What size tank is in the boat and how do I cut the floor to get at it? Do I cut along the stringer on each side? I just need a start and then I can get on with the project. Thank you for you expertise
    I ran into some issues and didn't get it. Problem child picked it up and has it back on the water. he posted a video a little while ago.
    Coop call me - I tried calling your cell - didn't wrk -( 1-260-760-0811 ) I found a boat that I need help identifying and it is a - lil 12-14tf jet boat 2 seater - Greg
    I need to find info on mounting ~ twin motors~ on a boat , even maybe a small dual motor mount that will hold 2 2.4 merc motors
    I have a project boat I want to mound ~ twins~ on.
    Hey Coop hope life is well there with you ! When it isn't raining I'm working ( drive dump truck for construction Co. ) Hey I know I said that I'd trade the johnson stuff I had but after looking there isn't much there I think some of it got auctioned ( with out me knowing ) I know you have been looking for a TRV-17 I have the one I bought with a nice trailer for 400$ it's yours ( do you want me to get the paper work done?? ) It was from Michigan, I have no paper work on it ( a guy bought it off ebay and the seller never sent paper work ) Greg.. call me when you might be home in July and I can bring it to you.. 1-260-760-0811
    Hey Coop, I have a boat for you... Let me know when you might be home over a weekend or a time I can bring it to you the 1973 TRV-17 and trailer... I gave 400$ for it ( it's free to you ) I have a bill of sale I think.. no titles it was a Michigan boat Karry said he would help when time came to ~ Title it ~ I have to many here and I know you wanted a TRV Reed
    hey coop this is Ron Kondub with the 85 enticer ,found the link on core replacement ,thanks it doesnt look very difficult.Tore out floor&all foam,decided to check transom,drilled 3/4 inch into transom from inside with 1 inch hole saw & definately found moisture,since I am going this far would you replace transom,if so can you give me some advice & links of where to look & how to do it I would greatly appreciate it.Also is there somewhere on sight to show you how to download pictures? Thanks Ron(KONCLUB)
    hey hope truckin is treating you well. I'm working a idea in my head for a ( new design ) for a checkmate... how do I get a hold of a small scale trimate II model ?? I know you had the remote control size mold you were making hulls out of, I have a idea I want to run with lol. I just need a model to start with lol. Did Revell or Monogram make any checkmate models ??
    Hey Coop.. I'm going to have my 45ft tool trailer moved to the house in the next 2 weeks.. I'm excited now I'll be able to get some ~ fab time~ that has been long over due.. :)
    ive had to quit drinking for einstein to let me fly my sm3. its the hs ive been talking about. he lets me go 10 mph faster each year since he turned me on to my enchanter & tunnel, but my induldgence has kept me below 85 for 7 years. just the thought makes me want a drink, but a drink wont feel anything like the flight im about to get. its worth anything to me. i only drank because i was slow hahahaha
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