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  • added pics of my 1987 Senator 454/Alpha1 - factory 330/350 hp - I have a upgraded cam intake and carb for it maybe it will bring it up to 375hp

    Boats I own
    1. 1979 Checkmate Trimate II
    2. 1987 Checkmate Senator
    3. ( pole barn 1st ) then - Dream boat-- year? - Checkmate- 25' Pursuader Cat - Prototype - ( gutted restoration project ) ~
    4. 1968 G.W.Invader 16' 4 seat tunnel hull ( project )


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    Reed,awesome pics! I'm trying to do the same.I uploaded my pics to photobucket but don't understand how to get them onto this site.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan.
    Thanks Reed,Been out and about so haven't been online.It's been so hot here I haven't taken the cover off!98 w/no breeze.Have a feeling someone may have filled in the Hull#I hope not but not seeing it.Do you think the bow openings are the same size(on a 17')? They look it in all photos I see.
    Just read your note Reed,I have a Title for my boat but not sure were Hull# is.I gave it to Kip @CM and he said it sounded like a TRV17.Have a feeling He wasn't sure or they were scetchy about it.I'd like to get measurements up in the front(bow)as well as the layout,ya know?Like I said got great pair of seats for it.A friend said we can make a bench seat in back,when he does my front buckets.Also need to know if the gas tank is built in?someone said they were up front?Does that sound right?Thanks again,John
    Hi Reed,Thanks for reply.I thought you also owned a 17'TRV? That's what they tell me I have.It's mostly there and runs good,now that I replaced the motor.Got screwed on the deal and had to buy a motor right out the gate!Has a 90 Evenrude,but I've had it at 54m.p.h, w/a gps.Just changed the prop but can't remember what it is.Don't think it's anything different,but Mechanic said try it to fix a different problem.Let you know how it goes when I get it on water.I never knew they had a fire??I asked someone there about interior,he said Mike was the Guy to talk to.Didn't know about fire.Anyway,I'm looking for some buckets for front.Has to be some here in Fla.Long as they're close&nice!Theres a TrimateIIorIII here on Craigs list for$900.but thats not for me now that I'm into this one.I may do the bow as a 1piece cusion,w/a nice hinged cover.Wish I waited for one without open bow.like anything else.You need the right guy to build it,etc.Thanks again,talk soon.
    Hi Reed,Just reading a blog were you were talking about chinewalk.What size motor do you have?OOPS.just found out 3.0 Merc?You have the same yr./model boat as I do.Didn't think I could find one.The catalog pics.on this site leaves 1973 out.Do you know if something went on in 73?Trying to restore my interior over and need exact pics. of the model.Seats and how they are set in there.Thanks for any info you may have.
    hey give me a call sometime. like to visit about some things. I'm Michael @ 785-221-8620 (cell)
    I'll just re do it .. not sure how many Rpm I'll turn yet I eliminated the chine walk totally --- added a whale-tail and got air under the boat 2 times, the white caps were bad so at 5k I was at 63 with 1/2 throttle left.. I bet I'll see 75+ ( controller box broke last pass so now I have to find a new one ) :( I was racing a hot rod jet ski and would have blown him out if it wasn't for the white caps ~
    Very cool. Nice to see a chopper working for ya. My boat hated the chopper when I tried it. What RPM are you going to turn to?
    Cool, I had to stop for gas 7 miles from Van wert in the middle of no where and got raped for 2.08$ a gal for 87 octane at a dumpy truck stop 2 miles east of a drive in theater ( grrrr ) lol oh well. Coop I had a great... time. Thanks again :)
    No I didn't. Glad you made it back ok. I went out and got one of my boat trailers after you left, so I can move some more stuff around.
    some are dumb, it looked good from the pictures, I love the glitter on mine too. I have to reclear it or get the gel re-done ( Block is the same as a 350 chevy block all you would have to do is use your internals since a boat motor is internally balanced. ( you will have a awesome boat when your done ) I know where there is a 19ft one her in fort wayne that can be bought for 2500$ it's faded but it will run so I'm told lol.
    yea, I bought it for 745.00. Cracked block. I drove 8.5 hrs and straight back 8.5 hrs. Got in about 3am this morning. Its alot rougher then I was expecting. I am sanding 4 layers of paint off of it right now. I am goin back to the original gel coat. Dont know why someone would of painted over this awsome glitter...lol.
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