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Recent content by Reed

  1. Reed

    Trim tabs ?

    you have a bravo or a Alpha out drive mine has a chine walk around 60-65mph , I have a Alpha 1 out drive on mine ?
  2. Reed

    Trim tabs ?

    I was looking at putting K plane trim tabs on my Senator , any suggestions ? Does anyone have a good used set they want to sell ?? Thanks for any input .
  3. Reed

    Help an old member back in.

    I just left a message on the website - I miss-placed / lost my password book here in the house some where - long story short version - I sold the place with the nice big shop ( kicking myself hard ) now trying to get a shop up this yr at this new to me place been here since 2008
  4. Reed

    Help an old member back in.

    I 1st heard of it when it was posted on Ebay but I went to pull it up and the add was pulled - I had asked a question on the Fourm if checkmate had any tunnel hull boats and ( that's when the hunt started ) Now as soon as I can get my truck road worthy for a 2 hr trip I will be dragging it home...
  5. Reed

    added pics of my 1987 Senator 454/Alpha1 - factory 330/350 hp - I have a upgraded cam intake and...

    added pics of my 1987 Senator 454/Alpha1 - factory 330/350 hp - I have a upgraded cam intake and carb for it maybe it will bring it up to 375hp Boats I own 1. 1979 Checkmate Trimate II 2. 1987 Checkmate Senator 3. ( pole barn 1st ) then - Dream boat-- year? - Checkmate- 25' Pursuader Cat -...
  6. Reed

    Comment by 'Reed' in media 'Bottom_1-3-04_5'

    I remember when you started this project - grins
  7. Reed

    Help an old member back in.

    56 aint old na I just lost password book and the old email was a AOL email - I don't know if alo even exists any more so I figured I'd start over have to get back in touch with great people on here and het back into building toys . This year is dedicated to getting my ( dream boat I found after...
  8. Reed

    Help an old member back in.

    my old screen name was Reed - new one is Reed65
  9. Reed

    1953 Dolphin 19ft cuddy cabin

    I know where a 1953 Dolphin cuddy cabin boat is , it is in fair shape but it has been untarpped for 3-4 yrs the owner finally tarpped it and it has a 100hp Sea Ray motor on it with a hydrolic steering set up.. I was going to make a offer but thought the 1800$ he wanted was a bit steep She will...
  10. Reed

    "Wanted" 17P for Merc Inline6 TOP

    I have a 17p Merc prop - its a used aluminum prop the blades have no dings in the edges - it could use a good sanding and some fresh paint it has the same - spline as the bravo - out drive , I think that is the same as the in line 6 motor -- if you have that same - spline - I would take - 45$...
  11. Reed

    WTB- Inline 2 blade Prop

    I have a old 19 pitch 2 blade but it is Aluminum ....
  12. Reed

    73 MX-16 resto/mod, 1 broke high school teacher

    I like all your ideas you have shared - awesome work ! :thumb: Thanks watching for the finish :popcorn:
  13. Reed

    Hey Coop - hope your feeling better ( I saw a boat on here and I wanted to ask you if it is a...

    Hey Coop - hope your feeling better ( I saw a boat on here and I wanted to ask you if it is a checkmate - http://checkmate-boats.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/4527/title/boat629/cat/500 ) I thought when I joined I saw a boat like this one in the ~ Gallery ~ Greg
  14. Reed

    Pictures of my new 1978 Vmate2

    sweet boat :thumb:
  15. Reed

    Chris has coop been on lately ?

    Chris has coop been on lately ?