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Recent content by MsportRJ

  1. MsportRJ

    Rub Rail Replacement

    I have now also sent you an email to the address you supplied.
  2. MsportRJ

    Rub Rail Replacement

    I sent you A PM. You can see my post in vendors. https://checkmate-boats.com/forums/threads/rub-rail-insert.35325/
  3. MsportRJ

    New 253 Owner

    Nice. Welcome to the forum.
  4. MsportRJ

    Spiderwebbing fiberglass and chips on hull

    Sounds like it could be stone damage from trailering. If you have aggressive tires that can hold stones and then release them at highway speed it can do damage. Rock Tammers can save a lot of hull damage If this is the cause. Quarter sized seams substantial however. Have it looked at by a...
  5. MsportRJ

    New checkmate/boat owner

    Welcome. I hope you have a great season.
  6. MsportRJ

    New member from Calvert County, MD

    Welcome! Post pics when you have the chance. Enjoy the season.
  7. MsportRJ

    Rub rail insert

    I’m glad to hear your installation is going well. Please post finished pics for all to see.
  8. MsportRJ

    2100br 300 Pro XS

    Very nice. What set back and prop? What kind of speed are you getting from your set up?
  9. MsportRJ

    New Member/Owner

    Very nice. Now it’s time to enjoy it.
  10. MsportRJ

    New guy from the UP

    Very nice!!! Looks like someone is going to have a fun summer.
  11. MsportRJ


    A terrible loss to the community. Prayers for the family and all of his close friends.
  12. MsportRJ

    Newbie looking for help.

    Stiletto sounds right on the money if it was available in bow rider.
  13. MsportRJ

    Newbie looking for help.

    Look for a Coast Guard label near the throttle (silver or white with yellow). It will tell you the year, model, size and capacity unless it was removed.
  14. MsportRJ

    New Here

    Welcome and good luck with your search.