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Recent content by PA-Checkmate

  1. PA-Checkmate

    1997 253 Convincor w/8.2 HO

    Very nice. With that lower and hydraulic steering... did it once have more power before the current 8.2L?
  2. PA-Checkmate

    Only hitting 45-50 at max RPM for 454 mag

    Had BBlades lab my bravo-1 24 pitch and barrel shortened, but only been out 2 times so still figuring it out. Here is what I can say... with 60+gal fuel, 2 riders I now hit the limiter(beeping) at 67mph. Most noticeable improvement is when under about 45mph I don't need to use tabs to control...
  3. PA-Checkmate

    Only hitting 45-50 at max RPM for 454 mag

    Something doesn't add up? Wonder if the prop was reworked at sometime and didn't work out well. Can u try another prop from a friend? Just doing the math a 23P prop should be good for 60-63. I also had 502Mag 230SX Stingray similar to Glenn and would run 64 with 23P mirage I now have 270 w/496HO...
  4. PA-Checkmate

    June 2021's Boat of Month Nominations!

    I nominate Marla and Kenny from western Pennsylvania w/300XS
  5. Marla and Ken 2.jpg

    Marla and Ken 2.jpg

  6. PA-Checkmate

    What do you pull your checkmate with??

    Had to upgrade when we purchased the Convincor 270 w/ Yukon XL Denali 6.2L
  7. PA-Checkmate

    Hatch switch needed for 2002 Convincor

    I ended up getting one at Livorsi, but $21 for switch and $24 to ship 3 states away(LOL)! I'm waiting for feedback about shipping fee I questioned?
  8. PA-Checkmate

    Hatch switch needed for 2002 Convincor

    Anyone know where to get hatch switch, or close replacement? It's a DPDT but I can also us SPDT? ? thanks
  9. PA-Checkmate

    New here, looking to decode a serial number...

    last 2 of HIN should be year?
  10. PA-Checkmate

    Old and new.

    That was originally at local dealer in western PA which I almost purchased new.
  11. PA-Checkmate

    Prop work advice needed.

    After communicating with BBlades he feels B1 should produce better results vs Hydromotive. Spring here yet? Will update then...
  12. PA-Checkmate

    Prop work advice needed.

    Just to get a little more out of it? Not sure if lab would add any MPH or not. I think BBlades said need to remove bow lift since it's not needed for the convincor 270.
  13. PA-Checkmate

    Prop work advice needed.

    With winter I need advice on who and which prop I should have worked. B1 24p vs QIV-X 24p. Both are 4bld. 2002 Convincor 496HO with normal load, usually 1/2 tank gas or more runs 65, but when the stars and moon align then just over 67. GPS. The only difference I notice is when under about 40mph...
  14. PA-Checkmate

    " For Sale" Gaffrig GPS speedo and antenna

    Gaffrig GPS speedo and antenna Has issues sometime the needle sticks and doesn't return to "0" along with sometimes needle doesn't move at all. Includes speedo, antenna, recall switch assembly Only 2 yrs old. Some wizard maybe able to fix it. I can txt/email video of what its doing Open to offers
  15. PA-Checkmate

    My next tri-toon motor

    How heavy and how long the charge lasts? especially WOT?