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Recent content by Ryan73

  1. 86383A5D-CA7D-443B-A0AF-7CD433B17C20.jpeg


  2. Ryan73

    What checkmate boat do i own

    Looks like a MX 15 to me. Best I remember, they don’t measure dead on 15’ when you pull a tape on them.
  3. Ryan73

    Even More CL Finds!

    I enjoy looking at your finds. Thanks for posting them!
  4. Ryan73

    Windshield Seal

    That seems like a big windshield to handle in one piece. I would recommend some help if you are thinking about tackling it solo. Not sure what holds your frame to the boat. Mine was a bit older and used T bolts. They were all corroded and snapped off when i tried to take off the nuts. If...
  5. Ryan73

    March 2021's Boat of the Month Nominations!

    Ryan’s 1973 MX-15
  6. 32972E3A-1BD5-48E6-AA1F-73D241F2D223.jpeg


  7. Ryan73

    Polishing Aluminum Rubrail??

    I polished the rub rail on my MX-15 project last year. It turned out to be a more difficult task than i planned. My rail was old and had many battle scars that required sanding. I used some 1200 grit. It takes a while with a grit that fine, but you are not adding a lot of substantial...
  8. Ryan73

    T bolts for windshield

    Anybody know where to find 3/16 t bolts that might fit the Taylor Made frame on my MX-15. Contacted Taylor Made, and struck out. They said no longer available. Used lots of bolts before, but never fooled with T bolts. Any suggestions?
  9. Ryan73

    New member from Alabama

    Got a little boat time in today and learned yet another lesson in life. Fill up, seal up, all those pesky holes where the rub rail was mounted. Do this before you paint it. It will be better when you remount it. I did not follow these easy steps and made it a challenge today. Either way...
  10. Ryan73

    New member from Alabama

    New to the forum. Been enjoying all the pics and stories. I have recently started back working on my 1973 MX-15. I replaced the transom and painted the bottom 28 years ago when I was 17. Life got busy and I stored it until this May 25th. Since then I have been working on it like a mad man...