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Recent content by troutbum

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    Vintage Jetmate

    I'm not trying to stir animus...But yes, I was assured this boat was good to go, no known issues...I live four (4) hours from seller, couldn't schedule test drive or for sure would have walked with pace...I now have to either reverse the failed repair(s) and have pro's re-do right, or scrap her...
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    Vintage Jetmate

    ............Have had this boat two (2) + years and haven't even had a real ride...Just faced with having to reverse engineer the failed repair, so any additional photo's and detail of original damage would be much appreciated...
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    Hello, I bought a JetMate from you, but oddly, the fellow that took the cheque from me, looked...

    Hello, I bought a JetMate from you, but oddly, the fellow that took the cheque from me, looked just like son of "Bob"...from whom you purchased this boat...Not looking for trouble, I live with my mistakes...but this boat is not sea worthy and we need to reverse engineer the hull damage, still...
  4. T

    Vintage Jetmate

    I didn't come here to seek trouble...found this page by accident, after searching "JetMate", and having pictures of the boat in my garage appear, in the results...15 June 2018...I would have really inspected the boat more closely, but it was 4 hours from home and no shot at a test drive...so I...
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    Vintage Jetmate

    I'm in possession of this boat now...Bought it a couple years ago, taking the word of the seller it was good to go...Leaked like a sieve...Fuel pump, fuel lines, anti-siphon valve, starter, jet pump...all shot...Thanks for sharing about the hull damage to all but who you sold it to... I...