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Cruising speed issue


New member
I recently purchased a 1980 checkmate 16ft with a 90hp evinrude 2 stroke engine! The question I have is anytime I'm in any no wake or minimal speed zone the front of the hull goes so high just like it is when itsnoton plane. I would like to be able to cruise sometimes at about 15 to 20 mph to take in some scenery instead of having to be full throttle all the time to stay on plane so does anyone have any suggestions? I understand how the trim and all of that works so it's not driver error! It currently has a 13x21 SS prop! Thanks for any info

Glenn Kornett

Active member
Where is the 21P prop in your WOT rpm range now? I assume that is a 3 blade prop, do you know the make and type of prop? I am not sure that 16ft hull with the 90 HP on the back would plane at 15 mph with any prop. I have a 24ft Pulsare with a heavy 300R V8 and it will plane well at 27 - 28 mph with a 4 blade prop. It will also plane at 24 - 25 mph but not efficiently. If you are currently lower in the rpm range rather than closer to the top of it, I would drop down to a larger diameter 4 blade prop and perhaps 19P. That will accelerate better, lift the stern more, and plane a bit slower, but I doubt 10 mph slower. You might lose a couple mph in top speed. If the engine is mounted too high, you might also lose some leverage when trimmed fully down. I have never seen anyone put tabs on a 16ft boat, but that would help it plane at lower speeds for sure. They make some fixed tabs that are not adjustable but they might also scrub speed off. If you buy a mercury prop, you will have to purchase one that accepts a mercury hub, to match the splines on your Evinrude. I am not that familiar with OMC props, but they might make some larger diameter 4 blade props as well.