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New to Me Checkmate - Montreal, QC & Minden ON


New member
Hi All,

I've been lurking for quite awhile. Finally pulled the trigger on Pulse 185 that I found in an auction last week with matching C-Hawk Trailer.


Not crazy on the black and teal, but couldn't pass it up at the price.

I bought the boat with a only few pictures as reference. My original plan was to change everything from the ground up, but the gel is in better shape than I thought after doing a test patch of light compounding and waxing.

I'm not a fan of the interior colours. The bow interior is pretty bad, as is the rear seat with rot. The driver and passenger seats are in decent shape (except the colour).

Motor is a 200hp EFI 2.5 Merc. Not sure what I'm going to do here as one cyclinder is low on compression and gears are shot. It does have a newer power trim and gear case on it. I can't decide if I'm going to fix the motor or buy a new one.

Anyway, big project nonetheless. If anyone cares to comment on my motor dilemma, please do so as I'd welcome any advice/insight as to pros/cons on Optimax vs the older 2.5L motors. One concern I have on the new motors is weight as I am under the impression the Opti's weigh quite a bit more.



Well-known member
welcome to the forum

I only seem to be able to view one picture of the exterior, I like the colours black and teal better than white and teal and it looks like the darker teal/blue has some metal flake as a bonus. If the hull is solid,(you are going to need to check the floor and transom area very carefully) I think a mostly white and blue, white and grey or white and black interior would all look great on it.

If the transom is solid or if you redo it, I don't think the hull will have an issue with the weight 505lbs of a new 3L merc. A quick check showed the 200hp 2.5's are around 425lbs.

Should be pretty easy to find a good newer 200-225 opti for a reasonable price.


Well-known member
The 2.5s are very thirsty but are easier and cheaper to maintain and repair comparatively to the Opti. I know your gas is a lot more expensive, so you'll need to do a cost benefit analysis.

Jay Smith racing is one of the best rebuilders of the 2.5 and $4,500 will get you 240 hp from that 2.5 if it's a good rebuilder. A stock rebuild is around $2,500 I believe.


New member
What did you end up getting it for? i saw that one too but it would be 22hours each way for me to pick it up and wasn't ready to make that drive on that short of notice


New member
$2600 CAD - Problem in Canada is there isn't a lot of them around and when they come up, they go quick.

Entire boat was a filthy mess. Hull is in pretty decent shape once I cleaned it up. Interior is very rough and needs full-on replacement.

Motor is big question mark for me right now. Still working out what I'm going to do on that.

here's a couple more pics.




New member
right on... yeah, didn't feel like driving from Winnipeg to get it and then have to deal with the known motor problems... you are right though... Checks up here don't last long at all before they get snatched up