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Windshield for 1981 entertainer


Well-known member
I have a windshield for a 81 Eluder, which probably fits (although I don't guarantee it.) My logic: I put a Exciter windshield on my Enchanter, and they were the same. The Eluder is the bowrider version of the Exciter, and the Entertainer is the bowrider version of the Enchanter.

I have both sides plus the middle removable section. I'm in eastern NC, and I'm not going to ship it, so take that in consideration if you want to go further with this (I'd be happy to take some pics if you like.)


New member
Hello, Thanks for reaching out. I am interested and could have it picked up. Can you please send some pics and measurements?


Well-known member
So I bought the center section from a member here, that's why it doesn't match. The black is coming off the frame in areas. The two side pieces have some sort of reflective tint (not factory, looks like aftermarket tint) that's starting to peel off. There are a couple of bends on the edges (one in the center section, one on the tail of the one side piece,) they could be easily bent back to shape. I don't have the t-bolts that secure the windshield to the boat (I had to chop most off to get the windshield off) but I was able to get some when I put my Exciter windshield on my Enchanter, so I know you can get them. The turn thingies that hold the center in place are missing, I don't know where they are (It's possible I have them, but I moved since I removed the windshield and I have a lot of boat parts laying around!)


Overall (rough, it would have to be bolted in to get it exactly.)
Interior width of the center
Height of center
Exterior width of center
Length of side window
Length of front window
Height from ground to top


New member
Will you be available around 2:00 - 3:00 today? Not sure I will be able to get out that way but I am going to try


New member
My cell is 724-554-1553 I am leaving outer banks now towards you Pls text me your address and I can give you an eta