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Recent content by Maxmini

  1. M

    Spur of the moment

    Yes I do , it’s a 1972 and supposedly run when parked two years ago. I have no proof either way as for it running or not but it is complete . I have not decided if I want to sell it or restore it myse floor s back up . I leave for my home in CA tomorrow so both motors and the boat are in storage .
  2. M

    Spur of the moment

    Picked up a updated power plant as well to replace the suspect 1972 115. The Mariner is a completely redone 1988 model with the one option i really wanted , power trim , which the Mercury did not have .
  3. D74696AE-E064-4CC3-BF08-F32F80301ECA.jpeg


  4. M

    Spur of the moment

    So Ibe kept busy with building a rear seat , ripping out the carpeting and having Upholstry made and the new carpeting laid . Here are a few pics .
  5. CAAB14AB-9022-4837-B2DC-EAD47703E313.jpeg


  6. 3DF6FC5B-E6C8-412F-8B0A-EDFC7929B3A1.jpeg


  7. M

    Spur of the moment

    Yes it is . I’m trying to make sure anything I do is good for the long run .
  8. 1125BE9D-4D6F-4C6E-87B0-5B9B00F162F5.jpeg


  9. M

    Spur of the moment

    Working on the base for a back seat . The bottom will flip forward to reveal a small storage space .
  10. 3636BEEA-FED6-4F77-B845-B2F34F4BABBF.jpeg


  11. M

    Spur of the moment

    I will post more as the process proceeds . looking forward to another project :)
  12. M

    Spur of the moment

    Leaving a local county fair my brother and I saw a very interesting looking little boat for sale along side the road , Well two days later I am the proud owner of a 1985 Checkmate Predictor . I already a smaller water toy for my summer but I’ve wanted something a little more sea worthy and I’ve...
  13. 1626383924153.jpeg