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Recent content by Nick616

  1. N

    Convincor Question

    I do it quite frequently - don't know if I "should". Don't notice any deflection so I assume it is fine. However, I wouldn't really consider it "walking" - more like crawling/butt scootching (is that a word?)
  2. N

    97’ Convinsor 253 fuel pressure problems

    I'd put a pressure gauge on it and set it properly. Anything else your just guessing and risking bigger problems from running too lean.
  3. N

    Winch Size

    Probably the smallest you can buy will be at least 2000# which will be more than enough. (Harbor Freight - $80.00 )
  4. N

    Spy Photo and Video of Checkmate's New Miami Boat show boat.

    Miami boat show opens at 10:00 Eastern. Maybe the photos can be "released" then? Anyone going to be there in person? Send some sunshine back to us in the midwest dealing with the 4th winter storm in the past 3 weeks. . . .
  5. N

    West Palm Beach Area Vaca 4/23 - 4/28

    Just got back from Key Largo and Satellite Beach over Christmas - was a great 3 weeks. Check Air BnB or VRBO for vacation rentals - we've found some great places and cost is competitive with hotels - especially if you need more than one room. You don't get maid service, but you do have a lot...
  6. N

    Gauge bezels?

    I had some gauges replaced a couple years ago the bezels were separate - actually had to replace a couple of bezels and you can't really tell the difference between the new and old. (Teal bezels as well )
  7. N

    BIG News Coming Soon.....

    Let us ( me ) know what you use for the speedometer - ( part numbers would be great! ). I have the smartcraft tach and an old water pressure speedo that isn't hooked up. I would like to replace it with a gps speedo.
  8. N

    Boat Launch Videos...

    Only had time to watch the first couple - noticed that both vehicles were in park as the rear wheels were not rotating. Not sure how that happens - oh crap, my car is under water, better put it in park . . . . .
  9. N

    Good Ole Elbow Grease

    So could you post the materials and process you used? Would like to keep the 253 looking good, but don't really know where to start and not mess something up. . .
  10. N

    "Wanted" 19' pulse open bow O/B

    Congrats! :thumb: ? Pictures ?
  11. N

    Checkmate MX-15 Hull

    The photobucket link did not work for me. . . .:irked:
  12. N

    Repowering 253 Convincor

    Looking back at a year ago - this April 15 we had winter storm Xantu bring 2" of sleet, snow, freezing rain - 28 degrees :pissed: Hopefully we will just skip spring this year and go right to summer soon. . . .
  13. N

    Incident At Thirteen Fathoms

    Scary - but the fact that you are still here to tell the story makes it a little anti-climactic. I'm sure "the rest of the story" will be entertaining.
  14. N

    Lake Okeechobee Run

    Sigh . . Closest thing we came to boating this weekend was watching an ice breaker run up and down the Holland channel trying to get the ice loose enough that a barge stuck in lake Macatawa could get out . . . It was a balmy 34dF though :-)
  15. N

    new michigan member

    Welcome from a fellow Michigander!