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1987 Checkmate Entertainer restoration project

I am restoring a 1987 21 foot Checkmate Entertainer with a small block 350cu engine 260HP (quadrajet carburetor) and Mercury Alpha 1 stern drive. This boat was in rough shape when I purchased it. It had been stored outside with covers over it, but still had mildew and mold on the upholstery, carpet and water in the bilge. The engine would start and I was told the stern drive had been rebuilt and should be fine. The boat was very dirty, it required many hours of cleaning. The picture shown is the way it looks today. It runs perfect and goes through the water beautifully. In 2023 I entered the boat in the Smith Mountain Lake boat show in the fiberglass category. Hundreds of people stopped by and expressed how beautiful the boat looked.

The restoration is still on going. This year I replaced the trailer wheels, tires, tail lights and engine/boat power steering hydraulic lines. In the future I will replace the upholstery which will match the original.

This boat was stored outside at a vehicle repair shop. I was at the shop getting my daughters car repaired. When I saw the boat, it seemed like the boat was screaming "save me". I know this boat is made of fiberglass and metal and cannot scream, but because of the boat's sleek and elegant design, I felt like this boat deserved a 2nd chance. I negotiated with the owner and drove the boat home the next day.

The 1st thing I checked were the trailer hubs. Both hubs were imminently going to fail, one of them was full of water. This restoration then began with replacing the trailer hubs.

The following is a list of what I have rebuilt, repaired or cleaned. All the labor is mine:
Clean, clean and more cleaning
very carefully restored the finish without removing the clear coat, all by hand
new stainless steel trailer hubs and grease buddy
Rewired the trailer and replaced all lighting, winch, and safety chains
new polished aluminum trailer wheels and Carlisle tires (load range D 2040 Lbs)
Replaced the Engine coil, oil and fuel filters and fuel line.
Replaced the engine thermostat housing and thermostat with new ones (still available)
Changed engine oil
Replaced the gas tank sender
I built a new back seat frame keeping the original upholstery
Replaced the engine starter relay
I rebuilt the upper gearbox of the stern drive with new main horizontal drive shaft, and new seals (verified all specifications)
Changed stern drive oil and oil plugs
Replaced the constant velocity joints and the gimble bearing
Replaced stern drive impeller
Replaced the fuse box, horn push button and horn (I matched the horn button)
Replaced the stern light pole electrical connector
Replaced stern tie downs
Purchased new docking lines
Purchased new anchor and 100 feet of anchor line
Greased and tightened fasteners on steering wheel and steering rack
Replaced the Boatman Check List decal with a new one (still available)