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1989 Starliner/2015 250 HO Evenrude prop?


New member
I Really need some help here!!
I have a 1989 checkmate starliner that I have put a 2015 250HO Evinrude gen 1 on and I can't seem to find the right prop. Can anyone point me in the right direction for size. 14 1/2 or 14 3/4, pitch and make?


Well-known member
I might be able to help you with this. I had the same boat and engine just not the HO. I am not sure how much more power the HO has. Almost all props blow out on holeshot. The massive low end torque and giant gear case makes props like Trophy or Tempest useless. You need a big diameter 4 blade for that combo. I ended up with a 25p Rev 4 (biggest pitch they make in that.) It is basically a 4 blade Tempest. Great hole shot, good top end, impossible to blow out.
A Bravo One or Hydromotive Quad 4 would likely be a good choices but I never tried them.


New member
Thanks for the info, about what was your top end? So far everything blows out on the start.. it's driving me crazy... Thanks for your help.


Well-known member
Exactly. Originally these motors had a Lightning gearcase that was smaller, faster, had a 1.71 ratio and could handle smaller diameter props. But they kept blowing up so they went the the Magnum gearcase which is had bigger beefier gears and 1:86 ratio. It is really too low a ratio for the torque of these motors and most props just blow out. The only thing that works is 4 blade large diameter props. You will get great holeshot and handling but nowhere near what a 250 should do on the top end. I saw maybe 72. Still, once I got it set up right, I Ioved the boat and motor combo and it was just such a great ride. It was plenty fast enough for me. I sold it to a friend and he says it is the best boat he has ever owned.