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Checkmate-Boats Marketplace Forum Rules - Important!

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Checkmate-Boats Marketplace-Buy & Sell Forum Rules - Important!

Our Marketplace Buy & Sell forums, are provided on an as-is, free basis, for our members and are for personal use only. Commercial listings or listings placed for profit are not permitted without prior authorization. Vendors interested in placing listings in our Classified forums should contact us first prior to placing ads. Only pre-approved supporting vendors are authorized to place listings, any other commercial ads placed without authorization will be edited, locked or removed at our sole discretion.

Please use caution and good judgement when buying or selling items. Before exchanging money or items, always do your due diligence, including establishing firm communications with the other party you are dealing with. C.W. Enterprises Corp., Checkmate-Boats.com, and its administrators are not responsible in any way for buyer/seller relations and cannot guarantee the legitamacy of the ads placed in our Marketplace forums.

Therefore, we urge you to use caution and good judgement when buying or selling items on our forums.

Long Distance Dealing

For transactions being made without personal inspection and payment made first hand, consideration should be given to using a reputable escrow service. A reputable escrow service protects both the buyer and the seller. With a Escrow service, the proceeds from a transaction are held in trust until the item involved is delivered and inspected by the purchaser. Once inspected, the funds are released to the selling party. eBay recommends Esrow.com, which is one option you may want to investigate. Always make sure any Escrow service you're considering is reputable!

Image Hosting

If you would like to include images along with your free ad, we request that you host your images off-site. Two free image hosting sites that are available are Photobucket and Imageshack. You can utilize one of these free sites for your image hosting and then simply link to them. Please do not email us your images requesting we post them for you! Alternatively, you can also email prospective buyers the images of your item.

Thank you!
Not open for further replies.