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" For Sale" Eluder parts


Well-known member
So I just took the Eluder to the big water in the sky. However, I pulled as many parts off of it I could.

I have a complete windshield (including center section,) swim ladder, front cockpit cover, fuel tank, dual cable rack steering and possibly more.

Let me know if you need anything for your Eluder.

PS, the windshield might fit an Entertainer. I speculate this because I used an Exciter windshield on my Enchanter, so the parts compatibility may extend to the bowrider versions, too.
Little update - I have the complete cockpit cover for the boat, front and rear, along with the hardware (snaps) that go into the boat.
HI, Will this windshield fit a Checkmate Enforcer 1985. Not a perfect match but will it fit??? Anyone?? Thanx, Troy Bernard Auburn Maine (207) 782-4441
ISO a ladder and tower for a 1983 Eluder. Anyone have any leads or ideas to source these missing pieces of a boat we just picked up?
Good afternoon. I realize this is a long shot considering how old this post is, but I recently purchased an Eluder and am in desperate need of a part if you thought you might have it from yours. I am not sure what it is called, but I tried to zoom in on it in the attached photo. On the right side of my boat the wooden upright that supports the windshield cowl was completely rotten when I purchased it and has failed. Thank you very much in advance.


  • cowl support.jpg
    cowl support.jpg
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Mine was rotted, too! I cut a piece of plywood, coated it in resin, and then covered that in some vinyl material I had used in other parts of the boat. It went with the boat to the marina in the sky.
Thank you so much for the reply, and yes, I kind of figured that I would have to make a replacement since even if one could be found that it would likely be just as bad as you said.