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Picked up my new to me 25 Sfx today


Active member
I just got home and of course its dark out, but its a really nice lay out. This one has a hard top, tow tower on the back. Can't wait to run it, seller gave me 3 props all Bravo's and speed ranges from 48-55 depending on prop with 300xs. Its not a fast hull but its not a speed boat. They are set up with a small jack plate from the factory. The only thing I don't like is all the rigging exposed in the console where the porta potty goes, it has a vinyl snap on cover but its messy.....I might like it once I have to add or fix something.


Active member
Pics, Tuff marine hooked me up with a new style cowling. Fun boat. The Hard top, tow tower and windlass are not factory, nice add on's the previous owner did. I removed the DBR kit and lightweight cowl, way to loud. I put the flywheel cover/air actuator cover back on and the new factory cowl with the insulation.


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Active member
Ty, it really is a great boat. I thought I had a major fuel tank issue this summer and it turned out to be an improperly installed fuel sender...thank god


New member
It's a good boat, as far as I know. Speed isn't the main thing. But I'd say it's pretty small -- too small for my taste. Didn't you worry about buying a used boat? Or did you test and inspect it before buying? 'cause it is a little scary to buy yachts, so I rent them at yacht rentals in Miami. And of course, I'm thinking of purchasing my own. I can't decide between Boston Whaler 420 Outrage and Squadron 60. Do you have any thoughts?


Active member
Squadron 60 I have never seen but the 42 whaler is amazing. I sold a 32 Donzi center console 2 years ago and thats a big as I would go. Just a lot of work to own a big boat. The 25 Checkmate i knew and the 300 was redone by a local shop so it only had 25 hours. The boat was mint. Access to the tank is poor, someone put the fuel sender in wrong and tried to 4200 seal it. Other than installing the sender properly, I am on my second season and have done nothing to the boat, it pretty much spotless.


Active member
If I was going to get a center console it would be one of these. Dont see to many for sale though. Great looking boat.