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Stringer repair (winter project)

Spent some time getting the fuel tank bay ready for the new tank. Added a couple of platforms for the tank to sit on and also painted the area. I left the top half of the stringers unpainted so I can epoxy some blocks in to help hold the tank in.

It has been a while since I updated my progress. I ran into some major problems with my new gas tank.
I had Speedytanks build it for me and they did a pretty nice job. Of course it got damaged through FedEx. Looked as if something heavy fell on the bottom of the tank and put a real nice gouge in it. Speedytanks did not want me to use the tank so I had to send it back for repair.
This whole process cost me close to a month of time. So now I have the "new" repaired tank in the boat and I'm ready to start installing the floor. My first piece is fitted and ready to be epoxied in.





Looking for advise on my motor mount support.
This is basically how I intend to support the front mounts. I will through bolt a 4x6x1/2" angle to each stringer.


My question is what material should I use for the angle? Stainless Steel or Aluminum?

I'm not sure if there is a clear advantage to either one. Wondering if anyone out there has any experience that they are willing to share.

One layer of bilge paint down. Will recoat bilge area tomorrow.
So glad that I'm finally done with glassing and grinding. May not be perfect but I don't think I will have anymore issues and I'm just happy to be closer to getting on the water!



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Motor mount supports arrived today. Decided to go with 4"x4"x1/2" aluminum angle with a backing plate.


Still have another coat of paint to apply to the bilge area, then a handful of small time consuming stuff. I might be able to install the motor in a couple weeks, fingers crossed!

Question for everyone regarding bilge pumps. This is the first boat I had with an automatic bilge that had an "auto/on/off" switch. My old Checkmate just had a bilge with an "on/"off" switch. I need to replace the old pump, does anyone have any suggestions on brand, gph and external or internal float.
Engine install went a lot easier then I thought. I left the engine hanging off the hoist and aligned it. Then marked the angles, drilled and bolted everything up. Went without a hitch!



Have about 4 hours on everything with no issues.

Short video of me testing the mounts out. lol...


My Father's day present plus some miscellaneous photos.





Will have to keep a watch for you in Grand Haven! Glad you were able to get out over the weekend - big lake was looking pretty nasty most of the weekend.