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Recent content by Denny

  1. D

    Checkmate/Hustler in Speed on the Water

    I will tell you it grabbed my attention. Sexy boat deserves sexy ads. LOL.:drool: Nice of you to post.
  2. D

    Checkmate/Hustler in Speed on the Water

    You gotta like it. Cigarette ads don't even come close.:D
  3. D

    Checkmate/Hustler in Speed on the Water

    Hustler Powerboats will continue building all new Hustler models 21 O/B up to the 50 foot Monster at the Long Island factory.Checkmate will continue building their model line up in Bucyrus Ohio. We have Hustler / Checkmate apparel available to order. The 2014 model year orders to build are...
  4. D

    Checkmate/Hustler in Speed on the Water

    Production in full swing A sold customer ordered new 26 Convincer is in the schedule to be built Also a 2400 BRX Sport closed deck which is also a ordered sold boat. Right now a 25 SFX Center Console and two 2400 BRX Sport closed decks are in production. There are pending orders for...
  5. D

    Checkmate/Hustler in Speed on the Water

    Your :welcome:
  6. D

    Checkmate/Hustler in Speed on the Water

    Please allow me to answer this. Checkmate will continue to please our customers and dealers. The 300 Convincer is still available on request along wih the 280. We would like to see our customers consider the 29 Hustler Rocket and up in the mix as their choice of a larger boat.
  7. D

    PRESS RELEASE Checkmate's New Dealer J & J Sales 360 Motorsports

    We are excited to announce that J & J Sales 360 Motorsports as a new Checkmate dealer with three locations in Northern Ohio.:welcome: Dan Jenkins owner of J & J sales 360 Motorsports is no stranger to performance boats. J J Sales 360 Motorsports has three locations Huron, Port Clinton and...
  8. D

    Checkmate Production Slammed

    Not happening at all with Brunswick. Not going there.