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Recent content by flyby knight

  1. flyby knight

    Hey there. Yes we moved up to a 242 sport a few years ago. The ole Persuader was a super fun...

    Hey there. Yes we moved up to a 242 sport a few years ago. The ole Persuader was a super fun ride but little too small for the big weekends on our lakes here. You still have the same Convincor?
  2. flyby knight

    2003 Persuader 218 Prop Issue

    I had a 219 Peruader with 350 mag and alpha with no tabs. It had the porpoise issue with a 3 blade Mirage but a 22 Bravo 1 fixed that problem for me. I think you are probably a bit over pitched with a 24 on that setup. Don’t know that change in Pitch will fix porpise though. I’d figure out...
  3. flyby knight

    April 2021's Boat of the Month Nominations!

    Hello All, here’s our 1997 Convincor 242 sport running Lake Barkley.
  4. DE4276AD-F036-440D-86C2-F911F5D8CFE4.png


  5. 70351337-556E-4EB4-9A73-6BC504EF9F8E.jpeg


  6. flyby knight

    1997 Pursuader 219 prop help

    Try a 4 blade for best all around performance on that hull. I’d recommend a Bravo 1 in 22 Pitch or a Merc offshore/ vensura in a 21 or 23. That will do the trick to get out of the hole and improve the overall handling a lot. You shouldn’t need tabs with the right prop. Good luck they are a...
  7. flyby knight


    We boat on KY Lake. Big wind and big cruisers traffic were the worst. Never got scared but wifey didn’t enjoy a few trips out. Moved up to a Convincor now and life is good. Couple more degrees of deadrise in a hull makes a big difference.
  8. flyby knight


    I had a 219 Persuader and it was great. Very fun boat to own but it will beat you up in the rough. Check the floors under the front seat bases and around the back seat area.
  9. flyby knight

    Polishing Aluminum Rubrail??

    Try Flitz polish and a buff ball. That stuff works great.
  10. flyby knight

    Looking for a 23p Revolution 4

    Not mine, but here’s one listed over on s&f. https://www.screamandfly.com/showthread.php?336623-Props-for-sale
  11. flyby knight

    WTB Tempest Plus 23P Prop

    There is one listed for sale on this post. Good luck. http://www.bbcboards.net/showthread.php?t=896404&
  12. flyby knight

    Would really appreciate opinions on props

    You could also try a Mercury offshore/ Vensura 4 blade. Think they run in smaller pitches than the bravos.
  13. flyby knight

    350 Won't Stay Running Under Load.

    Sounds like it may be starving for fuel. If fuel filter was plugged as described, plugged with what? May need to clean out gas tank. Might be clogged fuel pickup/ strainer in the tank. Check that fuel lines are in good condition and not collapsing. Chedk fuel pressure at carb. Good luck.
  14. flyby knight

    Fuel pump??? 500HP

    My mechanical pump went out a couple years back and I switched to a Holley blue electric & it works great. It definitely cured a hard starting problem after sitting for several days that I always had with the mechanical pump.
  15. flyby knight

    GPS and Eddie Marine Elite gauges issue

    Mine not easy to see up under the dash. But here is what I used to go by when hooking up my livorsi gps speedo. Also here is link to the antenna I use with it. http://www.livorsi.com/auto/pdf/inst/GPS_antenna.pdf...