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Recent content by karzrus

  1. karzrus

    Current Caldwell Checkmate production

    Such a shame
  2. karzrus


    A friend had a similar piece break on his Mastercraft, he could still order the part from Mastercraft but the price was crazy. He found a local shop that cut and curved a replacement out of acrylic or ploycabonite?(can’t remember which) He is very happy even though the factory piece was glass...
  3. karzrus

    Greetings From PA

  4. karzrus

    92' Enforcer 230

    I have never seen any data that indicated that model was a twin OB boat. Not the most common Checkmate and most or all the OB versions I m aware of were singles
  5. karzrus

    Checkmate Clothings / Accessories

    Checkmate used to sell stuff. I thought the new owners facebook page made it look like they sold Checkmate clothes rather than boats. Did you check?
  6. karzrus

    KIP, DeckMate molds?

    Maybe an old age thing but I don’t recall even seeing a picture of one, now I’m curious.
  7. karzrus

    Even More CL Finds!

    This is sharp and he dropped the price, but it needs more power.
  8. karzrus

    What Happened to the Thread/Category with all the Brochures??

    Found it. Forums>Media>Checkmate Promotional material I went in to Media through the Gallery pictures in the top banner
  9. karzrus

    What Happened to the Thread/Category with all the Brochures??

    I was wondering as well, maybe still here just harder to find?
  10. karzrus

    Even More CL Finds!

    Wow, really like the colors on that one, the blue looks great. Doesn’t look dated like so many of the teal ones do.
  11. karzrus

    Thoughts on 2010 30 Convincor?

    Obviously a 650 hp single would be faster and likely hit 75+, but how fast are you wanting to go? Has the boat been run since the new power went in, how fast is it?
  12. karzrus

    New Side decals

    10-12 years ago Checkmate still had some of the original side decals, they had port side only of the grey ones I needed. I bought a couple and had a local shop make me a fresh pair of starboard and port from the port sample I gave them. Can’t get them from Checkmate anymore but maybe you could...
  13. karzrus

    Even More CL Finds!

    New buyer of a few years ago has put it back on the market asking at least a few thousand extra now, cleaned it up a bit, looks like he removed the painted on pin striping. No closeups of the interior, that would have been a "to do" on my list as it is rather sun baked/starting to crack in some...
  14. karzrus

    Seat base replacement for 1982 Checkmate Diplomat I/O

    The metal inserts may pull through the nylon and the whole thing may pull off the floor if the epoxy does not hold? But you have the right idea about going to a material that does not rot.
  15. karzrus

    Seat base replacement for 1982 Checkmate Diplomat I/O

    Cut off the platform from the floor, build a new plywood platform and re fiberglass it back down to the floor. Hopefully someone did not try longer bolts/screws that would penetrate through the platform and into the floor creating a pathway for water into the floor causing it to rot. Those old...