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Recent content by Redboat

  1. Redboat

    New guy from the UP

    Welcome ! Beautiful Boat and motor . Redboat
  2. Redboat

    Power Steering Problem

    I just happen to have a 76 Corvette sitting in the garage . I'll have to look tomorrow . I think they are different . Been searching online for a solution . Might have to look into getting new design control valve / booster cyl and adapting new hoses to the old pump as you suggested.
  3. Redboat

    Power Steering Problem

    :brickwall: Seal kits no longer available :brickwall:
  4. Redboat

    Power Steering Problem

    Thanks Jimway . Those are the new design . Fittings are different . Looked at replacing hoses and the correct hoses for the new design have the wrong fittings for the pump end . Aarg Good thing I have all winter to figure this out .
  5. Redboat

    Power Steering Problem

    I've got paper towels wrapped around them so I can find out which one is leaking . I have found seal kits are available .
  6. Redboat

    Power Steering Problem

    I have an 89 Senator with 7.4 litre / Bravo 1 I have a leak in the Booster Cylinder or Control Valve . Of course neither part are available anymore . :pissed: Can I just remove the pump belt and still be able to steer ? I've read on another forum that the replacement ( new design ) has...
  7. Redboat

    Hello, thanks for having me

    Welcome from a fellow '89 Senator owner ! :thumb:
  8. Redboat

    February 2020's Boat of the Month Nominations!

    1989 Senator - Redboat
  9. IMG_0071.jpg


  10. Redboat

    Exhaust vs P/S Ram

    Looking at external P/S system for my 1989 Senator 7.4 liter Bravo 1. Because of the setup of it , the exhaust outlet will dump right on the ram . Maybe 6" or 7" away . Hard to get an accurate measurement because it's stored for the winter . Could be a little farther away , maybe . Concerned...
  11. Redboat

    "Wanted" End Piece For Handrail

    West Marine has a decent selection of hand rail fittings . That's where I got some for my Senator . Probably have to order them , I did . Redboat
  12. Redboat

    97” Convincor 253 water pump

    Seawater pump Mercruiser 46-807151A14 Kit w/ 1 piece body , impeller , wearplate and 2 o-rings
  13. Redboat

    Even More CL Finds!

    Beautiful Senator . Wonder what motor is in it . I'm biased of course because it looks like mine !
  14. Redboat

    Supporting Members, Subscription Feature

    Pd for another year ! Great forum . :banana:
  15. Redboat

    The Ideal Starflite Prop!

    Found the plate kit cheaper . https://www.avtoqmall.xyz/powerhead-components-c-1_24_75_1252/mercury-mercruiser-quicksilver-plate-kitinlet-832066a1-p-8856.html Free shipping too .