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Recent content by TMR

  1. T

    New checkmate/boat owner

    Welcome to the forum
  2. T

    2020 2400 Pulsare BRX

    Some wood or all composite, you have an awesome boat for sale!!
  3. T

    Bought 23" Checkmate..... and it needs a new engine :(

    How many hours on the engine? Does the engine still turn over with the starter, or is it seized? I recommend finding out which cylinders don’t have compression. I have a hard time believing that all 8 cylinders don’t have compression, unless the crankshaft broke in half. A damaged valve can...
  4. T

    Even More CL Finds!

    There are inexpensive bore scopes available on Amazon that allow viewing, taking pictures, and video through a smart phone. Under $40. I found this to be a useful tool for looking in areas of our boat that otherwise can’t be seen, such as: under the floor, under the gas tank, down the ski...
  5. T

    Fuel leak??

    If you are not entirely sure what the liquid substance consists of, send a sample to a local analysis lab. They will tell you exactly what is in it. It maybe part gasoline and part water coming in a pin hole in the sealant on your transom.
  6. T

    Rub rail insert

    My 15 year son and I installed the new rub rail insert this past Saturday. Soaking it in hot water in a cooler for 10 minutes and the use a wooded spatula made the installation go well. Installing on a warm summer day also helped. The rub rail insert is a great looking addition on our boat and...
  7. T

    Rub rail insert

    I purchased 57 feet to be safe. I think 54 feet will be do the job
  8. T

    Pulsare 2100 vs 2400 Wake Size - Skiing

    If you search this forum there is a previous thread on water skiing behind the Pulsare. One person claimed the 2100 was the best boat he skied behind and if I remember correctly he was a very experienced skier.
  9. T

    New member from Michigan

    Looks like you did a really nice job on the boat!
  10. T

    March 2021's Boat of the Month Vote!

    Thank you for having our boat as Boat of the Month. It’s a real honor
  11. T

    Even More CL Finds!

    Certainly looks very clean for its age. One owner, low hours, and stored indoors it’s whole life. I think you will see how much the previous owner cared for the boat when you go to look at it. Hopefully the ad and reality align
  12. T

    2400BRX and 2000BRX in stock at Tinus Marine, Wisconsin

    I will make sure I ask about weight when I return to the dealership in March to check out the 2100 Pulsares. I will post pics of the 2100’s as soon as I can
  13. T

    2400BRX and 2000BRX in stock at Tinus Marine, Wisconsin

    I didn’t ask about weight but I wish I would have. We did talk about speed. I was told in the 80mph range with the 400R
  14. T

    Checkmate Powerboats to be Dissolved

    Replacement seat skins and flooring is available. New name for the upholstery shop. http://www.gotchacoveredinteriors.com/
  15. T

    2400BRX and 2000BRX in stock at Tinus Marine, Wisconsin

    Sale price on the 2400 BRX was $106,249.00