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Recent content by TMR

  1. T

    1996 Pulsare 2100 BR resto.

    Gotcha Covered does excellent work. I’m very happy with the seat skins they made for our 1996 Pulsare 2100BR
  2. T

    Old School Cool, Persauder 218

    Great looking boat!
  3. T

    Seat Fabric Decals?

    You will most likely need to send the seat skins to Linda at Gotcha Covered to have the knight (horse head) embroidered on the vinyl. There is a tool you can purchase at Home Depot that makes for easy removal of the staples holding the seat skins to the bucket seats. I would suggest you call...
  4. T

    2000 pulsare 2100 br with an efi 225 for sale

    If you don’t mind me asking, what prop is on your boat? I have almost an identical boat and motor as yours
  5. T

    2000 pulsare 2100 br with an efi 225 for sale

    That went fast!
  6. T

    Current Caldwell Checkmate production

    Is it just me messing up the web search, or is the Checkmate Power Boats website gone?
  7. T

    2009 2000 Pulsar BR, Rare Barn Find/ only 22.5 hours

    Beautiful boat. Best of luck with the sale
  8. T

    2100 BR questions for you

    Very good points
  9. T

    2100 BR questions for you

    I wonder if owning two different pitch props for these Pulsare 2100 boats is a must. I haven’t tried my new 25 pitch Trophy Plus yet but I will tell you that my 23 Pitch Trophy Plus performs very well for water skiing and tubing. The time to get on plane is under 3 seconds and the 20mph to...
  10. T

    2009 2000 Pulsar BR, Rare Barn Find/ only 22.5 hours

    Very nice! How much are you asking $?
  11. T

    2100 BR questions for you

    I wonder how much the reduction in chine walk is influenced by having the prop deeper in the water bellow the pad? I run my Merc 225 efi at 3.5 inches below the pad on my 2100BR. Only 65mph gps with a 23 pitch Trophy plus, 5.5 inches of setback, and Sea Star dual cable hydraulic steering. Zero...
  12. T

    Current Caldwell Checkmate production

    And they do awesome upholstery work!
  13. T

    New checkmate/boat owner

    Welcome to the forum
  14. T

    2020 2400 Pulsare BRX

    Some wood or all composite, you have an awesome boat for sale!!