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Bravo 1 suddenly started slipping...


Well-known member
So yesterday I was out in the Formula boat I got last year. I was cruising along at about 4k rpm, going about 40; I heard a pop, and then the engine started revving up and the boat slowing down. I came off plane (quickly) and I could put it in forward or reverse and it went into gear and moved, but anything more than idle and the engine would quickly rev up while the boat didn't gain any speed. I was able to limp back to my trailer just just idling along.

So my first thought was the coupler (and I guess still my primary suspect) but there are a couple of clues that don't match up. First, I didn't smell any burning rubber, and there isn't a bunch of rubber particles in the back of the boat. Second, I spun over the engine with a socket on the propshaft, and it actually does spin over the engine when the outdrive is in gear. Also, no strange noises coming from the outdrive while I was coming back.

Any ideas, and any way to test things without pulling the engine? There were a couple of things wrong with the boat when I got it, and I've managed to avoid pulling the engine so far, and I'd really like to keep it that way (boat sits too high for my cherry picker to get it completely out of the boat, I think I can manage to do the coupler by just lifting it up a foot or so, but that would still suck.)
Speedy solution to my problem - it was the prop hub. As soon as I took the prop off, I could see the rubber chunks, and I was able to press out the metal portion (Mirage prop, rubber hub) with almost no pressure from my press.
Spun a hub a month ago, a pop then nothing. It happened in the swiftest water between the Soo locks and Niagara River. After getting carried into the overgrown shoreline twice I was able to throw anchor and have it catch in the Livingstone shipping channel. US Tow there in 10 minutes then took another 15 minutes to untangle a knot in his tow line. But I made back on the trailer after a 10 minute ride of shame with the boat luckily unscathed. Thought it was the coupler, but that’s a whole other story!