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Edit button


Well-known member
Is there a limited amount of time you have to edit a post you make? I wanted to go back and update some information posted, but the edit button isn't there? Is there a setting I'm over looking?
yep, 5 year old thread
Why is there a 60 minute limit to edit your post?
Some of us ol folk need more time to remember what we did or want to change.
What's the harm in letting us edit our posts for new or delete old information at ANY time?
Most importantly to delete pics or info that we may have provided at the time and is no longer useful.

Initially we had the forum set up so that people could edit indefinitely and it led to numerous issues.

The biggest issues were in the buy and sell forums.

So we changed the setting to be 60 minutes which typically gives members enough time to edit a post.

Many forums have limits on how long you can edit a post and most I participate in are less than 60 minutes.

Interesting. I would think being able to edit in the classifieds would be the most beneficial.
I'm on a forum with endless editing and I see guys changing price or adding pics and even saying it's "sold" in the first post or even being able to delete the thread.
I know I've already bothered you to change or add some pics because they mysteriously disappeared from my photobucket account and it left my post empty.